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You Started Pre-School

Ella, you’re in your third week of preschool now, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to just let you know how super super proud I am of you and how you’ve handled your first foray in to the world of school!

From the moment you found out you’d be going to ‘school’, you were so excited!  You mentioned it all the time, but never actually asked when it would be happening.  Then, when we told you that you would be starting that Monday, you were beside yourself with excitement!

That Monday morning, you were beyond giddy.  Your happiness was contagious.  You were in a great mood, Sienna was in a great mood, I was in a great mood.  I only hope every school morning can be at least a little bit similar!  One thing that really struck me was how much time we had!  I had visions of rushing to get you there on time.  But instead, it felt like we were hanging around waiting to go!  It still does, and I’ve started to settle in to more of a routine now of getting you both dressed and ready, as well as myself obviously, and managing to get a few jobs done before we leave the house.  I even manage to put some make up on every day!  I’ve really loved the change to our routine, and the need to be up and ready rather than lounging about with no particular agenda.

Some days we drive there, but mostly we walk.  If we walked at my pace, it would be about ten minutes.  But walking at yours, or making the journey on and off and on your scooter, it tends to take about twenty minutes.  You love the walk/scoot to school!

Of course, I can’t always take you.  I work a couple of days a week.  So one of those days you walk with your nanna and sister, and the other I drop you at nursery and they take you there and pick you up, so you can go back to nursery for the afternoon to play with your friends there.  It did take me a bit of working out, as a 9am start is no use for me when I need to be where I need to be by that time.  But we’ve got there, and it’s working!

I still have no idea what you get up to at ‘school’.  We get a little note every Monday letting us know some of the things you focused on in the last week, and some of the things that are coming up that week.  When I ask you what you did, you usually say ‘I didn’t do anything’!  You’re in ‘school’ all morning, and I pick you up at lunchtime, after you’ve had your school dinner.  Again, you never give anything away as to what you eat, but I’m confident that you do eat it.  There’s not much you won’t eat after all!

You really enjoy the buzz of all the bigger kids going in to the main school while we make our way to the nursery building.  It’s called nursery, but you call it school, so that’s what we call it too!  I was quite anxious on the first day, worried that you’d be upset as I left you.  Parents aren’t allowed beyond the pegs and, after hanging up your coat, you asked me to come in.  But I left.  When I passed the window you were already busy playing.  I needn’t have worried at all.  While a lot of the children were upset at leaving their parents, you weren’t at all and haven’t been upset once.  I think it helps that you’ve been going to nursery for over two years now, and you’re used to being around other children, and to saying bye to me.  But it also helps that you were so excited to be a ‘big girl’ and be going to school.  I think you might be a bit confused next September when you actually do start school, as to you, you’ve already started.

And, I know it will set you up well.  You’ll only be going in the room across from nursery, in to reception, so it won’t be a huge change at all.  And you’ll be going there with many of the friends you make at preschool.  I don’t know any of their names, I’m not sure you do either.  But I try and remember a few from the pegs, and ask if you played with them that day.  I don’t know if you’ll ever give anything away as to who you play with and what you do.  It’s probably a sign of how things will be for the rest of your school life!

And, it’s been great to have those morning when you are there, for me to get some work done.  I’m getting far more done in the business now, as Sienna is luckily napping from us getting home from dropping you off, to heading off to pick you up.  I hope she keeps up the morning napping habit, as I really feel I’m getting back on top of things.

Preschool has come at the right time for us all.  You wanted something extra, having seen your big cousins go off to preschool and school.  And you need stimulation and learning too.  You have a real thirst for it.  And I wanted a bit more time to get stuff done.  We are all thriving on this new routine, and I can’t believe that we will now have the routine of school for many many years.  This is just the beginning.

I really hope you continue to love preschool, that you make lots and lots of friends, that you go in every day full of happiness to be there, and that you come out bursting with knowledge and enthusiasm.

And of course, we captured the obligatory first day pics!  My happy little preschooler!

starting preschool

starting preschool

starting preschool

starting preschool

starting preschool


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