2017 – Plans and Hopes and This Blog

This time last year, this blog was at its most ‘successful’. In that, I mean I was posting regularly, sometimes three times a week. And I was loving writing and always had ideas for blog posts swimming round my head.

Fast forward to the end of the year, and it’s easy to see the blog has dwindled. I barely post at all any more. I wouldn’t say I’ve fallen out of love with it. More that, returning to my business after maternity leave with Sienna has lead to me throwing myself in to building that back up again at the cost of this blog.  This blog was only ever a hobby. Something I enjoyed doing, when I had the time. And over pregnancy and the baby months, I seemed to have a greater need for that release than I do now.

So, what does 2017 hold for this blog? Well, I’m not entirely sure. I do love the way it pushes me to document memories, and I adore reading back old posts, reminiscing on two pregnancies, the baby days, the growth of a sibling relationship. I don’t want to lose that. I want to keep documenting memories. So, I do want to continue with it.

But I also need to acknowledge that I want to grow the business even more this year, and that I have a business book to write, so I know I won’t be at the 3 posts a week stage again any time soon.

One thing I do love is that starting this blog encouraged me to pick up the camera, and I’ve been posting on Instagram regardless of how much I’ve posted on the blog. I definitely want to continue to take as many pics as possible, and maybe do another video too (like this one I did in March ’16).

So, what else? Well, I am a sucker for starting out with a new plan at the start of the year. The joy of running your own business is you get to choose your Christmas present from you employer!! So, the business treated me to this beautiful year planner. I adore it and I aim to be a more organised person this year with the help of this planner.


I’m so last minute or unplanned. While I do love a bit of spontaneity, I think it’s really good to schedule things too. Every week I am going to use this planner to outline meals for every day (then do the online food shop to reflect these choices). I’m going to schedule my workouts, with home workouts and bootcamp sessions. I’ll use it for work, putting on a daily to do list for office days. I’ll use it for home life too, scheduling in cleaning tasks that usually niggle in the back of my mind and never get done!  Essentially, I’m hoping this will help me lead a more organised, and healthy, life!

I’ve got big plans for the business this year. I’ve some exciting speaking gigs coming up, both in the UK and beyond, and I want to get my book finished, printed and out there! And, of course, I want to take on new clients and fill my workshops. I’m really excited as the start of the year is already looking good!

Health. Well, I still have the never ending weight struggle! But I’m starting to highlight areas that are holding me back. I gave up sugar for a while towards the back end of last year. Then Christmas got in the way! I’m back on no sugar now, and aim to do two months without touching any, then only allow the odd treat. And my home workouts will form more of a structure, with a plan for the week, workouts for different areas of the body and planned HIIT sessions too. I plan to eat way more clean, more of what you pick, dig or kill and way less processed stuff. And drink lots more water too. Loosing weight is such a cliched resolution. But I think I crave exercise and healthy food after the excesses of Christmas, so even one healthy month is a bonus.

I also want to plan more for weekends. To know what we’ll be doing, even if that’s only for a couple of hours. To not get up in the morning, laze around and lose the day. Up and out is always the best way, so I really want to form better weekend habits, while making more memories with my three favourites as a bonus.

I feel like we ended 2016 on a high. I really do feel so happy right now, and that’s all I really need this year, for me and those I love to be happy and healthy.

Wishing you the best for this year. Let’s make it a happy one!


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