A Little Bit of Life Lately and A Need to Write

I haven’t written as much on my blog lately.  I go through weeks on end where I do three posts a week.  Then suddenly, that flow just stops.  Recently, the flow has stopped.  And it’s not really because I haven’t wanted to.  I think it’s come more down to my own organisation and time management.  So, I felt the need today to just write, and I love a good life lately, brain dump kind of post, so here goes…!

I think one of the main reasons I’m not writing so much at the moment is that, I tend to write a blog post on the days I don’t have the girls.  That’s generally Tuesdays and Thursdays, where I crack on with my business, Sam Flynn Social Media.  Usually, I’d find half an hour in the day to write a blog post for Life of Mum.  But recently, I’ve been flat out on the business.  Not in a ‘I’ve got so much work on and I’m making millions’ kind of way.  I wish!  Recently returning back to work after having time off with Sienna, means I’ve really got to get my name back out there and business flowing back in.  It’s hard work!  I’m creating lots of workshops and online content to push, as this naturally leads to more enquiries for inhouse training, as well as creating things I can sell too.  So, I’m just not finding as much time in my working day to blog.  My business is important to me, and I really want to get it back to where it was.  And I know I will.  The trouble is, when you work for someone else, you return from maternity leave maybe needing a bit of time to get used to the working world again, and managing it with sleep deprivation thrown in, but you receive a wage regardless.  I don’t get paid unless I get work in!  So, that’s what I’m focusing on right now!

Things are generally pretty quiet on the parenting front.  Sienna is now crawling, and a lot happier baby for it.  She was frustrated with not being able to get about.  She was ten months when she started crawling, despite many attempts to start from about 8 months onwards.  She’s now really pulling herself up on to the furniture and wants to be stood.  I’m realising that I’m going to have another toddler in no time at all.  It’s madness!!!  She’ll be one in a few weeks time.  A whole year old!!  Sometimes, I think I still have a tiny baby, especially as she’s always needed much more of my time than Ella ever did as a baby.  She likes to be held, and cuddled, and to know I still exist in the middle of the night!

Luckily, sleep has much improved.  Sienna managed a stretch of pretty much sleeping through, or at the very least sleeping through my sleeping hours.  It was fab!  I was setting my alarm for 5.45am every morning, and getting out for a run before the girls got up, which I love!  Unfortunately, things have gone backwards a bit again.  She’s teething, and just started with a cold.  And so, night wakeups are frequent once again.  But, I know she can do it now, so I’m hopeful once these teeth, that are bulging at her gums, come through and her cold goes, we’ll get another stretch.  I was starting to feel back to my old self with the help of some sleep.  Now I’m shattered again!  It’s a sleep rollercoaster!

Ella’s personality is changing a lot!  Her vocabulary has come on leaps and bounds.  There are fewer and fewer words she doesn’t know, and she rarely gets her words wrong any more.  She says ‘me’ and ‘you’ instead of names, she knows opposites, she understands tomorrow and yesterday and later, and she is a little gem to have a conversation with.  She also loves suddenly having a chatterbox moment, where she can make little sense but the words are all proper words!  Like a stream of consciousness!!  She’s definitely getting a little more afraid of things.  She’ll tell me she’s scared when she sees a fly or when Ned barks really loudly.  She had a struggle at soft play the other day, sat at the top of the slide and unable to find the confidence to come down (once she’d been down a couple of times, there was no stopping her though!).  She’s also been waking in the night often, asking for me to get in bed with her, which I try and avoid as much as possible!  She’ll be three in July, which seems ages away at the moment, but I know will be here soon enough.  She seems so much older than that sometimes, and yet still such a little girl in her thoughts.  Though not her size!  She’s still a tall one and has just started to wear age 4-5 years clothes!!

Ella can sometimes push my buttons.  And she knows it.  She challenges the boundaries, and we do our very best to remind her where those boundaries are.  Of course, any 2-3 year old is going to do that.  It’s how they learn.  I think overall, she’s pretty well behaved, but you definitely know she’s up to something if she disappears and things go quiet.  I said it to Sean the other day, when she’d been gone from the living room for a few minutes and we couldn’t hear her.  Sure enough, we found her sat cutting paper with a pair of scissors!!  She’ll get to things we never thought she’d be able to, and our higher cupboards are now full of stuff we don’t want her to get!

And we’re all loving being in our new house.  There’s so much more space, and a bigger garden, and it really feels like ‘our home’.  We’ve been here nearly three months now, yet I can barely remember living in our old house!  I’m so glad we made the move.  I’m particularly loving having an office to work in again!  It’s so much easier to be productive when you have a space that isn’t your kitchen table, or an upstairs box room.  I feel incredibly lucky.

And, that’s a bit of everything really.  I really just wanted to write, to update, to post…something!  I have more blog posts swimming in my head, I need to do a proper sleep update, I have a couple of reviews to do, and other things that I’d like to share, so hopefully I’ll be back in three a week mode from now on!

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