A Little Room for a Little Girl

When we found out I was pregnant with our second baby (which is now due any day!), one of the first things we started thinking about was whether we wanted to move house to create more room.  We live in a standard 3 bed semi.  Meaning there are two bedrooms of similar size, and a much smaller ‘box’ room.

Having thought about it, we realised we had plenty of room for two kids, and that we’re not ready to leave this house behind yet.  So, the next decision was how we were going to organise sleeping arrangements!

The box room has always been my office.  I’ve worked for myself for nearly 6 years now, and leased an office for some of this time.  But having Ella meant it seemed daft to have my own office, when I could work from home, and work less hours too!  So, my office was full with 6 years of business nonsense!  Plus my desk of course, which was already built in when we bought the house.

Ella has never really had a nursery as such.  With my family living in the Isle of Man, it’s handy to have somewhere they can sleep when they are visiting.  So we really wanted to keep the spare double bed.  Luckily, there was room for both the double, Ella’s cot and a tall chest of drawers in the second bedroom.  So, she’s kind of been living in the spare room!  Don’t get me wrong, we still added butterfly wall stickers round her cot, but the room was never fully hers and we never really did the whole ‘decorating the nursery’ thing!

Ella has recently made the move from cot to bed.  At first, we thought this would mean sacrificing the double bed to put a more child friendly bed in the room and make the room Ella’s.  But I realised I was finding myself working on the kitchen table downstairs more and more, and the ‘office’ had really just become a storage room.  So, we had a good clear out, chucking lots of stuff that hadn’t been looked at in years, and storing anything else I needed elsewhere.  It also meant we could keep the spare room with the double bed in for visitors and the cot for its new inhabitant!

And so, we set about turning the box room from an office to a little girl’s bedroom!

Of course, one of the first places I looked for inspiration for Ella’s new room was Pinterest!  There were some amazing kid’s bedrooms on there!  It gave me a few ideas, but really the majority of the room came from finding the things that fit in there!  One idea Pinterest did give me though, was to paint the room white (which has immediately made it look bigger) and work from that blank canvas in adding colour through accessories.

So, here’s a little room tour!!

1. Entrance

We took some of the stickers that Ella hadn’t yet pulled down from her old room and stuck them to her door, along with the name stickers, to start the room off as hers!  And a stair gate across the door has been an essential part of the move from cot to bed process!  It’s good to know she can’t go wandering round the house in the night!

little girls room - door

2. Floor

Her room has a dark brown laminate flooring.  We’ve recently updated our lounge and had carpet fitted, so the rug from downstairs was going spare.  It almost fills her whole room and is a nice lush rug so makes the room feel much more cosy!

little girl's room - rug

3. Desk

The desk was built in when we bought the house, and it seemed daft to pull it out when it would make a great toy storage area!  Most of Ella’s toy are downstairs, but we now have somewhere for all her soft toys to sit and a few other things for her to play with!  The lamp had been gathering dust in the office for ages, so I found a cute shade from Asda to make it more kid friendly!

little girl's room - desk

4. Under Desk

And there’s a bit of room under the desk for a few things too!  I got this cube bean seat from Dunelm, and it’s handy to pull out and use as a place for us to sit and read Ella a book, or for her to sit on and ‘read’!

little girl's room - under desk

5. Shelf

The shelf was already in the room too when we bought it, above the desk.  Again, it made sense to leave this in.  It’s a great place to keep her books, plus presents from her christening that, until now, haven’t had a home.  Ella adores Peppa Pig, so the poster from Asda throws a bit of her favourite characters in to the room.  She loves pointing at it and saying one of her favourite new words – ‘dinosaur’!!

little girl's room - shelf

6. Personalised Picture

This cute picture is of little vests on a washing line spelling out Ella’s name.  Her auntie got it for her when she was born!

little girl's room - shelf

7. Wardrobe

I thought we might struggle for storage with the room being relatively small.  But luckily this wardrobe from Ikea’s Stuva range fits perfectly in the gap between her bed and the desk!  It holds all her clothes, plus nappies and wipes.  And it’s handy to put stuff on at the top that we don’t want her to reach, like talc and sudocrem!  Sure she’d love to get busy decorating her room with that!  I was thinking we should get the wardrobe in white, but they had no white doors left when we went to get it.  My pregnancy hormones meant I nearly had a mini meltdown, til we realised we could just get a different colour door!  I’m really glad it worked out that way, as I love the pink doors adding a bit of extra colour in to the room!

little girl's room - wardrobe

8. Peppa Pig Canvases

While researching for Ella’s room, I came across some great prints with quotes on for children’s rooms.  I was going to frame some and put them in the wall gap between the wardrobe and the bed.  But I realised I was being pretty selfish.  Ella can’t read yet!  And she would much rather wake up and look at pictures of Peppa Pig than some quote she doesn’t understand!  So, I found these cute Peppa canvases on Ebay, and glad I went with what Ella would love rather than what I would love!

little girl's room - peppa

9. Bed

We were sent the HelloHome StarBright bed to review for the move from cot to bed (you can see the full review here), and it fits in the room great (you can buy it from Argos here!)!  It being a toddler-sized bed, it fits under the window, which leaves much more space in the room for Ella to play.  The bedding is from George at Asda.  I like that it is has a few different colours in it and can be flipped over from hearts to stripes.  Plus it was a pack of two, which is always handy with kids!

little girl's room - bed


little girl's room - bed

10. Curtains

I decided not to match the curtains directly with the bedding.  Gives us a bit more freedom to change one or the other.  The colours match those in the bedding, which is handy.  They’re a giraffe style design and are black out curtains.  And luckily, they are pretty stiff, if that makes sense!  Which means I can mould them against the window at night, and hardly any light comes through.  The curtains are from Dunelm Mill.

little girl's room - curtains

11. Wall Stickers

I found these wall stickers in Home Bargains!  They were about £1.25 I think, and just add a bit of colour to the wall!

little girl's room - stickers

12. Bunting

I’ve become a bit of a crochet addict the past few months.  So, I wanted to add my crochet stamp somewhere in the room!  You can’t beat a bit of bunting for a kid’s room, so I thought I’d give crocheting some a go, and adding Ella’s name to it.  And I love how it’s turned out!  It’s nice to add something that I’ve made to her room!

little girl's room - bunting


So, her room is now complete!  For now anyway!  I’m sure there’ll be a few adjustments, like when she takes a turn against Peppa (got to happen at some stage right?!).  But for now, she absolutely loves it!!!  She’ll quite happily play in there and adores sleeping in her bed rather than a cot.  The spare room/nursery is next on the list!!!!

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16 thoughts on “A Little Room for a Little Girl

  1. Lovely room! I especially like her duvet, we’ll also have to have the moving chat when we decide to have another. #TheList

  2. What a lucky girl Ella is, her room is stunning! I absolutely love her bed. Best of luck for the arrival of your new bubba, I remember those last days of pregnancy only too well xxx #thelist

  3. Oh such a gorgeous room! I love the bunting, can you make me one 🙂
    We are moving house soon and I can’t wait decorate my toddlers room.
    Becky xx

  4. It looks lovely 🙂 Those curtains are great. I’ve just started working on Elsa’s room and it’s looking alright so far. I need to get her cot converted into a bed though and paint the walls white. I love white walls to brighten up rooms, and like you said you can add colour with all the bits and bobs you add in. It makes it easy to change the colour scheme too.

  5. Such a pretty room and the rug makes it look cosy. Love the curtains too! I have a 15 month old and 7 year old girls sharing a room and it’s been tricky fitting everything in! #sharewithme

  6. What an absolutely beautiful little girls room fit for a princess indeed my lovely. I love how you have decorated it. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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