About Me

Hi, I’m Sam, 31 years old, business owner, wife, mum of two girls, lover of life and occasional blog writer!  I live in Manchester, drink prosecco at weekends (and the odd glass* (*bottle) of wine on a week night), exercise way more than my figure would suggest, love putting on a bit of slap to hide my sleep deprivation, and feel I have a brilliant balance between career and mum life.

Sleep Deprivation

I run Sam Flynn Social Media, training businesses in the use of social media to bring in new customers, and speaking at business events about social media.  And running my own business means I have chosen to work only two days a week.

The rest of the time I spend with my family.

Ella was born in July 2013. She’s a feisty, independent and fun-loving toddler! Ella loves being outside and playing with other children. She is relatively well-behaved for a toddler, though definitely knows the word no!!  

Sienna was born May 2015. She’s more delicate and girly, but also knows how to be incredibly vocal!  She likes to be around her big sister at all times, loves giggling and enjoys making sure her mum doesn’t ever get enough sleep!

I’ve been married to Sean for 7 years.  He’s my best mate and a brilliant dad to our girls.  I live for the weekends, when Sean gets to join in on our adventures, or just chill at home with us (and give me time to go running!).

me and mine january

I started this blog when pregnant with Ella.  It was a new outlet for me.  I wasn’t the best blogger in those early days but, with my second pregnancy, I really started to get absorbed in it.  I wrote more and it became a real form of therapy and escape for me.  Now, it’s my space, and I love it!!  I write about our family life, things that have and haven’t worked for us as parents, beauty, interiors, the odd bit of fashion (though I feel like I’m no where near what you would describe as ‘in fashion’!), travel and everything else that is a part of my life.  This blog is the verbal form of my life.  Life of mum.