An Obsession With Sleep

I have become sleep obsessed. Mainly because I’m just not getting enough!!!

Sienna is five months old now and still doesn’t sleep great. As soon as I feel like we’re getting somewhere, there seems to be a setback, like a cold. And we’re back to multiple night wakings instead of just the one.

When I was pregnant with Ella, I read a few books on baby sleep. And sure enough, the suggestions worked and Ella napped consistently through the day and started sleeping through at 11 weeks. 

Sienna is a completely different baby. None of it works on her!!!! 

We had gotten to a point where Sienna was waking only once most nights. Then she got a cold and woke every hour while she was poorly. Now we’re back to multiple wake ups.

I wouldn’t mind so much if it was a case of dummy back in and she goes back to sleep. But she wouldn’t settle until she’d had some warm milk. When I say some, I mean about a quarter of an ounce. She definitely has enough milk during the day that she doesn’t need any additional calories at night, which I think is why she was taking such a small drink. She only wanted it for comfort rather than because of hunger. And she doesn’t wake hungry in the mornings. Some mornings she can go a full hour before she has her bottle.

So, the milk had really become a prop to get her back to sleep.

I tried her with warm water one night instead of milk, and she did the same. About a quarter of an ounce then back to sleep. I’ve heard a good way to encourage better sleep is to give them water instead of milk, as they’ll soon stop waking for it with water being much more boring than milk. So the last few nights she’s had water instead and settled straight back to sleep, though still woken several times.

I was confident that maybe we had a solution. She also was drinking more of her morning milk being that bit more hungry, which was helping her routine through the day too. I thought, stick it out and within a week to ten days, the sleep will improve.

Then last night happened. On the third wake up, at 2am, Sienna wouldn’t go back to sleep. By 3am, I’d had enough and gave her some milk. She settled a bit more and went back to sleep after about 15 minutes.

So now I’m wondering if water is the right move after all!!! And am I back to square one by caving and giving her milk one night? I really don’t know and it’s doing my head in!  

Should I stop trying stuff and just let her do what she wants, and give her milk, and hope that at some stage she’ll figure it out for herself?

I feel like I’m in a cloud of fuzz all the time from lack of sleep and trying to come up with some form of solution!! There is no consistency to Sienna’s sleep and that means it’s very hard to come up with a consistent solution!

What I do know is that I’m either going to have to stop obsessing or come up with something that works very soon, as I don’t think I can live with the head fog much longer! 


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3 thoughts on “An Obsession With Sleep

  1. I would definitely try some porridge or rusks before bed with warm baby milk. She might be a child that doesn’t need that much sleep I have one of those however it’s more common in boys than girls xxxx my heart goes out to you sleep deprivation is horrible xx

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