Freddy the Bear

Argos Top Toys for Christmas – My Friend Freddy Bear

Ella is just like her mum.  She’s not really in to the telly.  I can’t plonk her in front of Cbeebies while I get my jobs done.  Instead, she loves a bit of tech!  If she gets her hands on my phone, before I’ve locked it, somehow she’s on YouTube watching surprise eggs being opened, without me putting it on for her!  And she loves playing on the iPad!

So, when Argos asked us to pick a toy to try out from the Toy Toys for Christmas 2015, it had to be the My Friend Freddy Bear, because what 2.5 year old doesn’t love a soft cuddly bear?!

Freddy the Bear

This bear isn’t just your average teddy.  It’s not even just your average teddy that talks!  What’s brilliant about Freddy is that he syncs to an app on tablet or phone via Bluetooth.  You can then input loads of information about your child, and Freddy will use this information to talk to them!  You can tell him your child’s name and age, the names of siblings, their favourite food, what they want to be when they grow up, and so much more.  Freddy will then randomly use this information when talking to the child.

Ella was absolutely amazed when Freddy called her by name and said hello!!  She gave him a big squeeze.  He really has become a friend to her!

The app has three different games.  Ella absolutely adores animals, so she loves playing the animal finding game, where Freddy calls out an animal, and she has to find it!  She also really enjoys the game where you have to fit the pieces together to make an animal.  Plus, you can change the difficulty level of the games, so she’ll still be able to play with it as she grows older.

Freddy the Bear

And, when connected via Bluetooth, Freddy also acts as a speaker.  So, when Ella is watching videos on YouTube, the sound comes from Freddy instead of the iPad.  She loved it when she was watching nursery rhyme videos and Freddy’s mouth moved as the noise came from him, making it look like he was singing along!

Even when he’s not connected to the app, he still interacts, especially when he’s hugged, turned upside down or thrown around!

I can definitely see why Freddy is one of the top toys for Christmas 2015, and I’m sure he’s going to be a companion of Ella’s for a good while yet!

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Freddy the Bear

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