Back to School with Hartleys No Added Sugar Jelly Pots

And, just like that, the summer seems to be coming to an end!  And parents all over the UK are quickly trying to get organised for back to school.  And this year, that includes me!  Ella will be starting pre-school next week.  While it’s not ‘big school’ just yet, it does signal the start of the daily school run, and a big change for Ella.  She can’t wait!

Ella will actually be having school dinners at pre-school.  But I’m sure the thought of having to fill lunchboxes is making many a parent come out in a cold sweat!  Especially when your aim is to get them to eat, and in doing so, eat the healthiest things possible.  Which is where the Hartleys No Added Sugar Jelly Pots come in super handy!!!

These little pots are perfect for lunchboxes.  And, I’ve discovered, are classed as a ‘treat’ for kids!  My two have loved trying them out.  Sienna loves to get stuck in with her hands, because how else are you supposed to eat jelly when you’re one?  And Ella, loves tucking in with a spoon, and has asked for a second pot every time she’s had one!

These jellies don’t really taste sugar free.  They are really full of flavour, and I’m sure you’d struggle to guess that there was no sugar.  I’m getting far more conscious of sugar in our diets, and am actually going on a bit of a sugar ban in September myself, so will definitely be reducing the amount the girls consume too.  Pots like these really help with this quest!  They can still have pudding without it being sugar loaded.  Though sometimes there’s room for treats too, and I’ve discovered that these jellies are fab with ice cream!  Well, I’ve got to get my fill before September comes!!

The Hartley’s No Added Sugar Jelly Pots come in five flavours – Strawberry, Raspberry, Tropical, Orange, and Apple and Blackcurrant.  They have no artificial colours or flavours and are fat and gluten free!  And by collecting 12 promotional Hartley’s Jelly Pot lids, you can get yourself a special edition Hartley’s lunchbox with stickers to decorate!

These are definitely going to be a regular feature in my no sugar September, if the girls let me have a look in!

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Thanks to Hartley’s for working with us!  All opinions are our own.

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