The Ordinary Moments #32 – This Too Shall Pass

If there’s one saying that you’ll hear time and again as a parent, it’s ‘this too shall pass’.  I’d never heard it before having Ella, and now hear it ALL THE TIME!!!

It’s become a bit of a parenting mantra during the tough times.  Yes, this is hard, but it won’t last forever, kind of thinking.  And it’s a saying that has gone through my head nearly every day since Sienna was born.

It started with the constant feeding, which is nothing short of exhausting.  It did pass though, and when I think about Sienna’s feeding pattern now, most days she’ll go 2.5-3 hours between feeds.  And the days of a feed taking at least half an hour are gone too.  She’s become a much more proficient feeder, and is done in around ten to fifteen minutes.  The result is that breastfeeding has become so much easier.  This has happened in the blink of an eye!  One day I’m stuck to the sofa, with only mini breaks between feeds, the next we have some sort of routine emerging. And I’d barely noticed it happening.

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Cosatto Woop

Cosatto Woop Travel System Review

You know you’ve got a good pram when it gets admired more than your baby (and I do have a particularly gorgeous baby!!)!

Cosatto Woop

Since we’ve been using the Cosatto Woop in Old Skool design, we’ve had so many compliments!  It is definitely stand out!  The funky Old Skool design is black and white comic strip/grafitti type imagery on the interior.  Perfect for newborn babies who are stimulated by black and white imagery.  And the hood and foot muff feature similar graffiti patterning, with splashes of bright red, yellow and blue spray paint.  With bright yellow straps and a bright red and blue chassis and wheels, it’s definitely very vibrant and funky!  The design is definitely one of the things I love most about our Cosatto Woop.  There’s no fluffy cuteness to it, which just isn’t me!  And it means Sean feels more than happy pushing it along too!

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Sienna at 10 Weeks – A Beautifully Fussy Baby

I’m not really a blogger who is likely to post a weekly, or even monthly, update about Sienna’s progress. But I think she’s at a point where there’s more to say about how she is doing, and how I’m doing too!!

Sienna turned 10 weeks old today. The last update I wrote, specific to Sienna, was at four weeks old, and it’s interesting to look back at how things have changed.

She’s growing brilliantly! She’s now 12lbs7oz, which is great for her age, just under the 75th centile. So my milk is doing the job!

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Haven Holiday

Holidaying in Great Britain with Haven Holidays

Me and Sean are both big fans of getting away on holiday.  But it’s certainly not easy taking a toddler abroad, let alone a toddler and a newborn baby!

So, when Haven invited us to enjoy a few days on one of their holiday parks, we jumped at the chance!

We chose to go to Thorpe Park in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, as it was only a couple of hours drive away, but in a part of the country we’ve never really been to.

We left Friday afternoon at around 12.30pm.  It was great timing, as we were all fed, and both girls usually nap at that time, so most of the journey was spent with both girls fast asleep!

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Breastfeeding – Our Journey So Far

I found breastfeeding difficult with Ella. Exhausting, painful and frustrating.  I didn’t know it would be like that. No one warns you!

And I didn’t know enough about it. I had low supply. But I didn’t know the best thing was to let her feed and feed and the supply would increase. Instead, at 3 weeks old, we started supplementing with formula and did so until the amount of formula increased and my supply dwindled even more, until I dried up at 3 months.

I had read, when pregnant with Ella, books about routine and how often babies ‘should’ breastfeed. I didn’t realise that in the early days they can literally feed nonstop.

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Daddy's Girl

The Ordinary Moments #25 – Daddy’s Girls

When you marry ‘the one’, there is no assurance of what kind of dad they are going to be.  When your relationship is built around just being the two of you, it can be somewhat unnerving to throw children in to the mix.

So, when that person turns out to not only be a brilliant husband but also an amazing dad, you know you’ve struck gold.

Ella absolutely adores her daddy.  Just last night, she woke in the night from teeth coming through combined with a cold and, when I went in to her, she asked for daddy.

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Sienna four weeks

Sienna’s First Four Weeks

Sienna is four weeks old today, and I thought I’d take the opportunity to look back on how those four weeks have been.

We came home the same day Sienna was born and, in some strange way, it almost felt like life just got back to normal!

As most newborns do, Sienna spent her first few days mainly sleeping. And when she wasn’t sleeping, she was feeding!  Sometimes that feeding felt like it was nonstop.  I spent hours with Sienna attached to me.  I struggled with supply with Ella, so knew the right thing to do was go with Sienna’s demands so that my supply increased.

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The Ordinary Moments #24 – Life With Two Under Two

Ella will be two in a few weeks time.  As such, for around 6 weeks, we get to experience the joy of having two kids under two.

The first couple of weeks weren’t too bad at all.  Ella adores her baby sister.  And the newborn state meant Sienna was pretty much permanently asleep.

Sienna is now three weeks old, and I’ll admit, it’s starting to get a bit harder!

Ella hasn’t been 100%, which I’m guessing is due to her getting yet more teeth.  It means she’s been waking in the night.  In fact, last night she was awake for two hours in the night.  And she struggled to settle to sleep when she went to bed.  With night feeds thrown in, it means we’re pretty exhausted!  

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Ready to go walk the dog!

The Ordinary Moments #23 – Not Doing Much

Sienna has slotted in to our family life with relative ease!  There have been numerous occasions where I’ve been pinned to the chair feeding her non-stop, while we settle in to breastfeeding.  And of course, there’s the getting up in the night to feed her too.

But otherwise, there doesn’t really feel like there has been a vast change in our lives since Sienna came along almost 3 weeks ago.

The one thing I have noticed though is that I’m not doing as much as I usually would.  I had been blogging about 3 times a week.  The blog has definitely taken a back seat!  I’m just about managing to get my Ordinary Moments done every week!  And I wanted to get Sienna’s birth story up before I forgot what that birth story was!  I keep thinking of posts, then the day passes and I’ve just not had chance!

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favourite moments

Sienna’s Birth Story

My due date was 8th May.  As I suspected it might, the day came and passed.  As did the next day, and the next!

At 11 days overdue, I was booked in for induction.  I never actually thought I’d get to the stage of being induced, and had completely dismissed that it might actually happen.  Yet, at 12pm on Tuesday 19th May, myself and Sean were in Tesco down the road from the hospital stocking up on supplies to get us through the process.  I walked round Tesco like a zombie, not quite getting my head round that I was heading in to be induced.

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