Turning Thirty!

So today I turn 30!!

I didn’t really know how I’d feel about turning 30, but really I feel like it’s just another birthday, taking me a year on in my life!  And I’m definitely looking forward to what my thirties have in store for me!

My twenties have been pretty damn good!  I guess going in to the next decade is a reason to reflect on the one before.  So, here goes…!!

I’m not really someone who has their life planned out.  I’m more of a ‘go with the flow’ type.  I didn’t have any expectations of where I would be by the end of my twenties.  I would have suspected that I would have at least one child, maybe two, so not too far off the mark, with number two due in a matter of weeks.

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This is another post that I wrote ages ago, long before I announced my 2nd pregnancy on the blog!!

And funnily enough, it’s about finding out I’m pregnant!  

As I write this, I have literally just found out I’m pregnant!!

I’ve known without confirmation that I’ve been pregnant for a few days now.  I had a few drinks Friday night for our anniversary and felt sick the next day, more so than I usually would.  Then I had a few more drinks Saturday night and felt really rotten the next day.  I got up and wretched, which is exactly what I used to do when pregnant with Ella – rarely would I vomit, just regular wretching!  I took a test that morning, but it was negative.  Which just didn’t seem right.

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Trying to Get Pregnant Again

I wrote a few posts that I didn’t want to release at the time.  I didn’t want to make it public that we were trying for a baby, at least not at the very early stage, as I didn’t want my every move to be watched for signs that I might be!  So, for all I wanted to write about it, I couldn’t post it to my blog!

I also didn’t want to talk about the pregnancy on my blog until we’d had the 12 week scan and knew that all was ok!

This is the first post I wrote that I saved to add to the blog at a later date!  It was originally written on the 19th August, about a week before I found out I was pregnant!

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Time for Number Two?

No, this isn’t a pregnancy announcement!!!

Since having Ella, the small talk has progressed from ‘when are you having kids’ to ‘when are you having the next one?’.

The truth is, I’ve been broody pretty much since Ella was born!  I know you should be traumatised and in no rush to do it all again, but the thought of labour certainly doesn’t put me off.  I’d do all that again in a heartbeat.

And it felt like so long waiting to get pregnant with Ella, that I think part of my broodiness comes down to the thought it could take that long again.

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It’s Not That Hard!

When I was pregnant, I was determined to not be one of those mums!  The ones that make out that they are the first person ever to be a mum!  Who moan about all the difficulties.  Who make out like it’s really hard.

It’s not!  Well, it is as hard as you make it, so for these mums it may well be hard!

One of the things I often get complimented on (if it is meant as a compliment, but I’ll take it as one anyway!) is how easy going I am with Ella.  I don’t panic as soon as my 5 year old niece decides she’s strong enough to carry Ella round the room.  I don’t shout as soon as the dog licks Ella’s face.  I’m not terrified that baby-led weaning might result in Ella choking on her food (because it won’t!).  I don’t keep her away from her cousins if they’ve got a cold.  And, if she gets a sniffle, I don’t load her up with calpol unless it’s absolutely necessary.  She’s a human being, not a china doll!  We’ve all been through childhood, and the vast majority of us have got through it unscathed!

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Getting Pregnant…

I guess before I talk about the onward journey and the now, I should really tell you about what happened to get here!

We started trying for a baby in May 2011.  And within weeks I was pregnant!  I couldn’t believe it!  I really thought it would take a few months, but there I was a few weeks later with a life inside me!

I felt very strange throughout the limited time of the pregnancy.  I didn’t want to let myself get excited, felt funny about people knowing and started to prepare myself for telling people the worst after the scan rather than the great news.  Strange how your body just knows.

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