Ordinary Moments #16 – The Promise of Summer

I love the fact we get clear distinguishable seasons in the UK.  I love the colours of autumn, the freshness and cosiness of winter and the first sun of spring.

And I love that around this time of year, summer is just round the corner. We get teased with sunny days that aren’t quite warm enough to be feeling too hot, but give us a glimpse of what’s to come!

Last summer was probably one of my most favourite summers of my life. Ella was turning 1 and getting more mobile, being a confident walker by the time summer ended.  We updated our garden and it became a lovely place to chill out as a family of three (or 4 with Ned!)!  Sunny afternoons eating barbecued food, drinking jugs of Pimms!

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The Ordinary Moments #1 – Our Christmas

I’ve decided in 2015 to get involved with MummyDaddyMe’s Ordinary Moments link up.  The idea is that you share the everyday ordinary, which is really what life is all about!  I’m going to blog my Ordinary Moments every week (though I might miss a couple of weeks when baby 2 arrives!), as a means of almost being a journal that both me and the kids can look back on.

So, I’ll be looking back at the week before and what we got up to, maybe picking out one specific event, and hopefully sharing lots of pictures too!

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The Year That Was…2014!!

This is going to be my last post of the year, as we’re packing up to head to the Isle of Man tonight for the festive period!

So, I thought I’d end the year with a bit of recap of what went on!

I’ve just had a quick look back at how the year started with the posts on my blog.  It’s crazy to see how Ella has turned from a baby in to a toddler this year.  Last Christmas, I was still technically in maternity leave.  Sounds crazy when I think I’ll be back on it in a few months!

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Our First Family Holiday!!

On Thursday we got back from our first family holiday abroad in the sunshine!!

We went to Calella in Spain, just north of Barcelona.  Ironic really that Ella’s first holiday abroad was in CalELLA.  Ok, maybe not…!

We had such a fab week!

One of the reasons we picked Spain was because of the short flight time.  Not just for Ella’s sake.  I’m not great at sitting still for ages either!  She was brilliant both there and back!  On the way there, she fell asleep before take off, woke up an hour later, had half an hour of munching, then went back to sleep til we landed!

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First Holiday

On Thursday we go on our first family holiday with Ella!  We’re off to Spain for a week, and hopefully it’s a week filled with sunshine!

My mum and stepdad are coming too.  It will be fab to share the time with them, and to share Ella with them too!  She’s in full running off mode now, so she definitely needs a pair of eyes on her at all times!

I’m such a last minuter when it comes to holidays.  I pack the night before or on the day if I have enough time.  Same goes for travel insurance.  I’ve tried to be more forward planning this time, but it’s not really worked.  Having said that Ella’s clothes are packed.  I’m improving!

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Home for the weekend

We got back from the Isle of Man on Tuesday night, having been there since Friday for a friend’s wedding.

I grew up in the Isle of Man, and my family are still there.  It’s always so nice to go home!  And it’s even more special now we take Ella and Ned with us!

Saturday’s wedding was fab!  Had such a good time!  Once more I drank far too much and suffered for it the next day, but it was worth it!  Really enjoyable wedding!  And it was really nice to start the day with a walk on the beach with Sean and Ned, while Ella slept at home, with eyes there to watch her!

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First Passport

We booked our first family holiday to go to Spain in September!  I can’t wait!!  It’s gonna be a lot different to the holidays Sean and I have previously had.  Usually they’re more of the piss up variety!  So, it’s gonna be brill to have a little one in tow to make it less piss up and more splash around!

My parents are coming too, which will be fab!  Means we can all take it turns to run after Ella, and me and Sean might get to have a night out or two, who knows?!

So, first holiday means first passport!

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