The Ordinary Moments #41 – Remembering Us

I remember in my first year at uni, lots of the parents of students I met separated not long after they went off to uni.  It struck me that some parents couldn’t remember how to be in a relationship with each other without their children around. Their relationship had become so focused on their children, that there was nothing left without the kids there.

Me and Sean have a brilliant relationship. One that feels effortless, and yet we both put work and commitment in to without thinking about it. And one that has changed a lot since having children.

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My Favourite Moments

There are so many amazing moments in life. I don’t mean days or weeks. I mean moments. A few minutes or hours at most. Those moments we’ll never forget. That we look back on with so much fondness.

I thought I’d list 10 of the favourite moments of my life so far. I’ve probably missed some out and may need to do a follow up at some point!! They are in chronological order, but the first is from when I was 18. I’m sure I had many more before then, but maybe my memory of them is too blurry!

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Daddy's Girl

The Ordinary Moments #25 – Daddy’s Girls

When you marry ‘the one’, there is no assurance of what kind of dad they are going to be.  When your relationship is built around just being the two of you, it can be somewhat unnerving to throw children in to the mix.

So, when that person turns out to not only be a brilliant husband but also an amazing dad, you know you’ve struck gold.

Ella absolutely adores her daddy.  Just last night, she woke in the night from teeth coming through combined with a cold and, when I went in to her, she asked for daddy.

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The Ordinary Moments #19 – Last Few Days as a Family of Three

So, as I write this, I’m overdue with baby number 2.  Which means, no matter what, we really are in our last days of being a family of three.

Ella is still so young, I almost feel like I have a baby already!  She is 22 months now, and still needs a mummy or daddy cuddle now and again.  She still occasionally wakes in the night and needs the reassurance that we are not far away.  Luckily, unless she’s ill, she goes straight back to sleep once one of us has gone in to settle her.  She is demanding more and more, and starting to know what she wants.  Her speech is coming on too.  But sometimes there are frustrations when we just can’t decipher what she is saying and what she wants, which can lead to tears and tantrums.

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Turning Thirty!

So today I turn 30!!

I didn’t really know how I’d feel about turning 30, but really I feel like it’s just another birthday, taking me a year on in my life!  And I’m definitely looking forward to what my thirties have in store for me!

My twenties have been pretty damn good!  I guess going in to the next decade is a reason to reflect on the one before.  So, here goes…!!

I’m not really someone who has their life planned out.  I’m more of a ‘go with the flow’ type.  I didn’t have any expectations of where I would be by the end of my twenties.  I would have suspected that I would have at least one child, maybe two, so not too far off the mark, with number two due in a matter of weeks.

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The Ordinary Moments #10 – London’s Calling

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be turning 30!!

The downside is that, when I do, I’ll be 8 months pregnant!  Not really time to go wild!

So, Sean suggested to me that he take me away for my birthday present.  There is nothing I need, but I love to get away, so this was perfect.  But, as the pregnancy ticks on, the idea of travelling to foreign countries is less appealing.

And so it was that he came to suggest a weekend in London!

We first went to London as a couple not that long after we met, when I was only 22 and Sean 25!  It was an amazing weekend!  It was the first time I’d ever been to London, being a country girl from the Isle of Man!  And I loved every minute.  We’ve since been numerous times to visit friends, but only to the outskirts and rarely in to the centre.  And I’ve been on several occasions for work, though never really did anything other than work and head home again!

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Him Indoors – Part 5

So today is our 5th wedding anniversary!  Here’s the final instalment of him indoors, while we get ready to go out and celebrate!

If you’ve not read them already, here’s part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4!

We lived in our flat in Worsley for a year, but we didn’t like it!  It looked great til we were living there.  We wanted more light and at least a little open space, so we rented a semi in Eccles for a couple of years.  We much preferred this house!

We had a good few years of early married life.  Sean has always been my favourite person to go out with.  We have an ability to talk non-stop and have loads of fun when it’s just the two of us.  We definitely enjoyed our child-free early married life years!

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Him Indoors – Part 4

Tomorrow is mine and Sean’s 5th wedding anniversary!  As I’ve written very little about him, I thought I’d write a bit about our story.  Turned in to a long one, so I’ve been posting a part a day!

You can read part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here!

Here’s part 4…

We got married 22nd August 2009!  We had very very little money, having squandered our savings on travelling, so it was a bit of thrifty wedding!  Our parents contributed, which helped loads.  We had a marquee on my parents’ field, a Ceilidh band played a mix of Irish and Manx music and taught everyone some dances, then we had a DJ.  The food was a really nice buffet that cost us very little!  And we did the bar ourselves, so the drinks were cheap!  Sean’s cousin’s wife was our fabulous photographer.  We decided not to hire suits and instead just asked the men to wear their own suits and we supplied ties, shirts and waistcoats.  And my dress was 2nd hand, costing the original owner around the £1k mark, and me a mere £80!!

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Him Indoors – Part 3

As it’s our 5th wedding anniversary, I thought it only right that I write something about Sean.  It turned in to a bit of an epic, so I’ve split it up into different posts!

You can read part 1 here, and part 2 here.

Here’s part 3….

We had no where to live and no jobs, so we were pretty free in what we could do.  We decided to live in the Isle of Man for a bit while we figured out next steps and planned our wedding.

It was a tough few months!  We were used to our freedom in Canada.  Instead we were back living with my parents with no car, and no real idea of what we were gonna do for money.

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Him Indoors: Part 2

This Friday marks 5 years of being married to Mr Flynn!  So, I’m dedicating a rather long post to him, which I’ve split in to separate posts!

You can find PART 1 HERE.

Here’s part 2….

For our first year together, Sean worked in Wales and only came home to Manchester at weekends.  So, it worked out pretty well.  I would go out with uni friends during the week and with Sean at the weekend!

After we’d been together a year and a half, I was graduated but not really settled on a career.  Sean was now working in Manchester freelance as a site engineer.  So we thought the time was right to spread our wings.

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