The Explorer

A few weeks ago, we moved house.  It actually wasn’t anywhere near as stressful as people make it.  And it feels like we’ve been in our new forever.  The majority of our ‘stuff’ has been packed away, though I’m sure much of it will be moved around in the coming months.  There are a few bits I’d like to decorate.  But for now, we’re just settling in to our new environment.

I’ve spoken numerous times on the blog about one of our daily habits – walking the dog.  Moving house means we now have a new area to walk the dog in.  We’re actually only about 5 minutes drive from our last house.  And just over the road from the field we used to walk Ned in.  But it’s very muddy in winter, and so we’ve been trying out another park that is near us.

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wintry walk

Wintry Walks

I am quite a fan of winter, and summer too, and well spring and autumn when I think about it!!  I’m glad we have such differing seasons, I guess!  Winter definitely has its dark gloomy days.  Or days of constant freezing cold rain.  They’re not so good.  The days I love are the ones with brilliant blue skies and sunshine, with a really crisp feeling in the air.  When you can wrap up in a big coat, scarf and bobble hat, and go out for a stomp without feeling all sweaty!

I try and get out with the girls every day when I’m not working.  We have a dog, so our hand is kind of forced.  He needs walking, we need fresh air – it’s a win win!  I used to do the same old loop every day.  But this new year, I’ve been taking the girls and Ned to a different park, one that we’ll actually be living closer to soon and won’t have to drive to.  It has more paths, so Ella can practice her scooting skills (even if I inevitably end up holding it or sticking it in the buggy basket!).  There’s lots of open space.  And I have no anxiety of Ella running away if she’s ahead of me, as the roads aren’t close enough for her to run on to.

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Lazy mondays

Lazy Mondays

Of all the days of the week, Monday is my least favourite.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say I hate Mondays.  I don’t hate any days.  But Monday is definitely my least favourite day of the week.  I work Tuesdays and Thursdays, so am in the blessed position where I get to be a stay at home mum on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, give or take the odd extra work day.  But it doesn’t make Mondays any easier.  In fact, I really look forward to the days I work.  It’s easier than looking after the girls, and gives me a little time to think more adult!

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2016 Goals

My Goals for 2016 – Finding Contentment

I’m not really a one for ‘resolutions’ as such.  But I do love the opportunity that a new year represents.  A chance to maybe do things a little differently, or continue with things that have worked well in the previous year.  It gives us chance to reflect on our lives and highlight areas that, in improving, might make us more content.

I think that is what my goals for this year are focused on – contentment.  I have never really suffered with anxiety before the last year, and it is horrible!  I want to shake it, and feel content and peaceful.  I know it’s a big ask, but if I can start to make little steps towards that, then that’s better than nothing.

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The Ordinary Moments #46 – Nanny

Today my mum, the girl’s nanny, turns 60!

Nanny is such an important part of both Ella and Sienna’s lives.  I grew up in the Isle of Man, so my family live there.  It can definitely be difficult not having them on my doorstep.  But it does mean that when the girls get to spend time with their nanny and grandpa (my stepdad Robert), it’s full on time, rather than snatching a couple of hours now and again.

We are just back from a trip over to celebrate my mum’s birthday with a party.  Ella and her cousin Nell, who is only 5 weeks older than Ella, had such a good time dancing and generally being cute!  And Sienna, managed to stay awake for some of it!  And, as usual, Ella just loved being around her family.

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six months of memories

The Ordinary Moments #46 – 6 Months of Memories

Sienna turned six months old last week.  It has absolutely flown.  And yet at the same time, the newborn days seem so long ago now!!  I can’t believe how much Sienna has changed over the six months.  I’ve noticed it far more than I did with Ella.  I think because her temperament has changed so much, as she has grown, and she seems like a different child to her newborn days.

My memory has really collapsed over the last 6 months, thanks in no part to not having enough sleep.  My brain really struggles to work any more!!!!  So, I really just wanted to document a few memories from the six months of Sienna!

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The Ordinary Moments #45 – One-on-One

Since Sienna was born, I’ve enjoyed lots of one-on-one time with her. Ella goes to nursery one day a week, and her nanna’s another day, which gives me a bit of time to devote to Sienna, and to crack on with some work!

What I haven’t really had is any one-on-one time with Ella in the five months that Sienna has been here.

This week, Sienna stayed at her nanna’s one night. She’s been sleeping pretty poorly thanks to a constant cold, so my mother-in-law offered to have her for the night to allow me to catch up on a bit of sleep. I’ve got to admit, it was nice to not have to be up and down in the night, though I did really miss her too.

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Pumpkin Halloween

The Ordinary Moments #44 – My Little Pumpkins

I’m a bit tight when it comes to things like Halloween.  I walk past the supermarket costumes, thinking how cute they are, but also thinking I’d never buy one while they’re so young and have nothing to wear it for other than a photo opportunity.

So, it’s just as well that the girls have older cousins who pass down their outfits to them!!!

I can’t say I’m really someone who embraces Halloween.  I think as the girls get older, it may become more of a thing, carving pumpkins, actually buying them (or even better making them) an outfit.  And at some stage, taking them trick or treating.

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The Ordinary Moments #43 – Miss Independent

Ella is so independent.  She has been since she was a baby.  She’s never really shown much clinginess towards me. She’ll be a bit shy in new circumstances, and cling a little while she warms up and figures it out. Then she’s off!

As a baby, she would go to anyone. She would be comforted by anyone too. Of course, she loved a mummy cuddle, especially when poorly or tired, and still does, but she’s quite confident in being around others. I’m seeing a marked difference with Sienna, who very much wants her mummy when she needs comforting.

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The Ordinary Moments #42 – My Poorly Baby

Sienna has had a few colds in her short five months in this world.  Mainly helped by her sister lovingly passing them on to her!  While Ella is at an age now where a cold just makes her a bit grumbly (and even more snotty than usual!) for a few days, it obviously has a bigger impact on a little baby.

Her other colds haven’t been so bad.  She’s been bunged up and we’ve relied on the nasal aspirator to clear her nose quite a lot.  But she’s not been overly upset.  But the cold she has currently has definitely been the worst.

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