The Ordinary Moments #20 – Still Pregnant

There is not a chance I ever thought I’d be writing this as my ordinary moments for this week.  I thought we’d have already had several days as a family of four, and that is what I’d be sharing.

But no, baby isn’t quite ready and instead I’m writing this at 9 days past due date!

This baby has now surpassed Ella for days past due date, with Ella being born 8 days after.  I’ve gone through a range of emotions over the past few weeks,  but unfortunately the overriding one seems to be frustration.

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Positively Overdue

I’ve said it on the blog many times before. But, in case you missed it, pregnancy doesn’t really suit me!  I love the thought of the life I’m growing. I hate all the symptoms that come with it!

So, I’m keen for it to end and to move in to the far better stage of having a gorgeous newborn baby.

As I write this, I’m 6 days ‘overdue’!

The due date is a funny thing! On research, it seems that ‘normal’ gestation for humans is anything from 37-42 weeks. So the due date is almost a date in the middle based on the average 28 day cycle.

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The Ordinary Moments #19 – Last Few Days as a Family of Three

So, as I write this, I’m overdue with baby number 2.  Which means, no matter what, we really are in our last days of being a family of three.

Ella is still so young, I almost feel like I have a baby already!  She is 22 months now, and still needs a mummy or daddy cuddle now and again.  She still occasionally wakes in the night and needs the reassurance that we are not far away.  Luckily, unless she’s ill, she goes straight back to sleep once one of us has gone in to settle her.  She is demanding more and more, and starting to know what she wants.  Her speech is coming on too.  But sometimes there are frustrations when we just can’t decipher what she is saying and what she wants, which can lead to tears and tantrums.

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Blogging Through Pregnancy

Today marks that pinnacle calendar date.  The date that you can almost guarantee you won’t have a baby.


So, after today, I’m officially overdue.  Though really it’s all a bit daft considering only around 5% of babies are actually born on due date!  It’s almost a date that exists to annoy us when we do move in to the overdue phase!

When I originally started Life of Mum, I was pregnant with Ella.  So, it very much started off as a pregnancy blog.  This time round has been a lot different.  I blog far more than I have ever done, usually around 3-4 times a week.  I’m getting more opportunities through my blog.  And it has become a real passion as opposed to a some-time hobby.

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Ways to Get Baby Out – The Reality

So, as due date approaches, I, like many pregnant women before me, have become a bit obsessed with the ‘get baby out’ campaign!

This is a mix of impatience, desire to snuggle my newborn, and just being bloody fed up of pregnancy!!

Of course, we all know that many of these are old wives tales and baby will come when it’s ready!  Still, anything’s worth a go right?  And at least I feel like I’m doing something rather than nothing..!!

So, let’s see what the old wives are telling us we should try!  Also, who are these old wives and how old til I’m classed as one?!  Anyway, back to the case in hand….

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Personalised Cake Through Your Letterbox – Giveaway

I’ve not had many cravings this pregnancy.  But there is one thing I constantly fancy….CAKE!!!  Though, to be fair, I’m not sure this craving really is pregnancy specific!

And so, I was made up to receive a Baker Days Letterbox Personalised Cake one day with the rest of my, quite frankly extremely boring in comparison, post!!!

The cake is small enough to fit through the letterbox (hence the name!) but big enough for 3-4 portions.

It arrives in a box which, when opened, reveals a super cute cake tin.  And who doesn’t love having tins for goodie storage?

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Sleeping Soundly During Pregnancy With A Pregnancy Pillow

Sleep is not just an issue when you become a parent!  For me it was an issue throughout my last pregnancy, and this one has been no different!

I suffer badly from pregnancy insomnia.  I’ll often be found wandering the house in the middle of the night, making Sean his lunch for that day at 3.30am, and possibly even doing a bit of work in the wee small hours!  I joke that I look forward to more sleep when the baby comes, but the reality is, I probably will get more sleep!!!

I’ve suffered with sciatica towards the end of this pregnancy, and this has in no way helped me get a good night’s kip!  The pain in my back and down one leg has meant it’s been more comfortable to be out of bed than in it.

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The Ordinary Moments #17 – Waiting for Baby

I’m now 38 weeks pregnant, which means the wait is really on now!

I have a few issues with not knowing the exact date we’re going to meet the new love in our lives.  I feel like every day is just another day closer to a date I’m unsure of!  It’s kind of like being given a time for a doctor’s appointment, arriving a couple of hours early in the hope you’ll be seen before your appointment time, when in fact your appointment could be a few hours late!  In other words, I’m frustrated!!!!

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Here We Go Again Kate

Ella was born 2 weeks before Prince George.  So, my first pregnancy was pretty much side-by-side with Kate Middleton’s.

And then, when I was about 6 weeks pregnant this time around, the announcement came out that Kate was pregnant again too!  Once again, we’re in it together.  It seems our wombs are in sync!!

I, like everyone else, is keeping an eye on the news, ready to hear that the new prince/princess has been born.  There’s speculation that Kate’s due date is 25th April, so it’s likely once again that there’ll be no more than a couple of weeks between our children.

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The (Not So) Healthy Eating Guide to Pregnancy

Now I’m no nutritional or medical expert. But having had two pregnancies, I’m now starting to realise how to eat your way through it!  Here’s how….

1. Two breakfasts is essential

One breakfast is just not enough in pregnancy.  This is the one time when eating two breakfasts is essential! I’m a fan of a bowl of cereal when I first get up followed by toast a bit later (maybe with a slight, OK thick, smearing of nutella!!).

two breakfasts

2. Salt will cure morning sickness

Maybe cure is too strong a word. Maybe it should be more ‘alleviate for approximately 30 minutes’!  As soon as nausea hits, get a bag of salt and vinegar crisps in to you!

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