November Siblings

Siblings (November ’15)

I feel that this month has seen a bit of a turning point in the girl’s relationship.  They are now so much more interactive with each other.  There obviously is such a huge gap between them developmentally, despite the relatively small age gap.  But, as Sienna develops more and more, Ella is finding it much easier to interact with her.  In fact, she craves that interaction!  Sienna can now sit unaided, which has really helped Ella relate to her more.  As soon as I sit Sienna on the floor with a toy, Ella joins her and helps her to play with the toy.  Occasionally, she steals it and won’t let Sienna have it, which of course then involves a conversation about sharing.  But this is new to Ella too.  Sienna is only just beginning to play, and so now Ella must learn to share more than just our affection with Sienna.

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Siblings October

Siblings (October ’15)

Sienna is approaching five months now (surely she was only born last week?!).  So, we are hitting five months of having two gorgeous girls.  Both of them really are such a joy.  Ella is at a very communicative age.  And it’s really interesting to hear her change her tone of voice with Sienna.  She will talk in ‘baby talk’, with a high pitched voice when talking to Sienna.

For Ella, everything has to include Sienna.  Just this morning, I told her it was nursery day, and she said ‘Enna come to nursery?’.  Where she goes, she wants her little sister to go too!  Despite copying me the odd time I’ve really encouraged her to say Sienna, she still refers to her sister as Enna.  It can get quite confusing as to whether she’s saying Ella or Enna and which of them she’s actually talking about.

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siblings sept

Siblings (September ’15)

The past month has definitely seen a few changes in the girls’ relationship.  Ella is still quite heavy handed in her affection with Sienna. Her cuddles really are tight bear hugs! But Sienna no longer minds! While we are telling Ella to be gentle and to let go, Sienna barely flinches!

She’s gotten so big and sturdy. She can take quite a lot of over affection from Ella. Though sometimes Ella does go too far and Sienna cries, which then upsets Ella!

Ella wants to be where Sienna is. She asks for her first thing, she lies with her in the play gym and she sits next to her on the sofa. Ella’s latest thing is wanting Sienna to sit between her legs and lean back on her!  Ella is potty training at the moment, and she loves that Sienna can sit next to her in her bumbo! I can’t believe my little baby is old enough to sit in a bumbo! It just seems wrong!!

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Siblings (August ’15)

My girls have now been siblings for three whole months!

I can’t help half wishing the time away. Sienna is growing too rapidly, which certainly makes me a little sad. But Ella is desperate for some company!  Sienna isn’t much company to her at the moment. They can’t have a natter or play together, but I know we’re only a few months away from them at least being able to have a bit more interaction. 

Ella has started to show a little jealousy towards her sister. She sometimes tries to push her away when she’s feeding, and suddenly wants me to pick her up if I’m carrying Sienna. I don’t mind as I think it’s really good for Ella to learn that she can’t always have everything her own way. The joy of a sibling is learning about sharing, even if at the moment that means sharing my affection rather than toys.

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Siblings (July ’15)

Sienna is now 8 weeks old and I doubt Ella remembers a time when she wasn’t here!! 

At this moment, the age gap between them seems huge, though it’s actually less than 2 years. I know as they grow older, the gap will shrink and they’ll be closer and closer to each other.

Ella is still quite heavy handed with Sienna. It’s all with affection, but she doesn’t quite understand to give gentle cuddles, rather than the tight squeezes she gives us.

Sienna is smiling lots now every day and it’s great to see her start to interact, just through a smile! Her eyes follow Ella round and she often gives her the biggest smiles!

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siblings june

Siblings (June ’15)

Now I’m a mum of two, I’ve decided to get involved with the siblings project and share pictures and thoughts on my girls and their growing relationship each month.

There are less than two years between Ella and Sienna.  I think the gap will feel less and less as they grow older together.  While Ella is getting more articulate every day and able to communicate more and more with us, Sienna is obviously just a few weeks old.  As such, there’s not much opportunity right now for them to grow their relationship.  But already, Ella obviously adores her baby sister.

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