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Getting Your Toddler To Stay In Their Bed [VIDEO]

Ella moved from a cot to a toddler bed when she was 19 months old.  She was struggling to sleep all her night in her cot.  If we left her in there, she’d be awake for hours.  But if we took her out and put her in the spare bed, she’d settle straight away.  So, we decided she was ready for the big move!

The first couple of nights, she did great and mostly stayed in bed.  Then the novelty wore off and she realised she could get up and out for bed!  We implemented a technique that worked really well.  In fact, we still use it now with her at 2 years 10 months, if she gets out of her bed on the odd occasion.

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Mission Sleep Update – My Baby Can Sleep Through The Night

About a month ago, I wrote about how I was on a mission to get more sleep.  I gave myself a deadline of Sienna turning one, which happens in a mere two weeks time (wahhhh!!!).

So, I thought I’d do a little update on where we’re at.

Well, I’m super pleased to say that things have VASTLY improved on the sleep front.  Sienna has slept through a good number of times now.  Sometimes, she has woken at around 10pm.  But she has also managed full sleep throughs, from going to bed to getting up (or at the very least waking up and not needing us to go in to her).

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mission sleep

Mission Sleep

I’m on a mission.  My deadline is 20th May.  The mission is to….GET….MORE….SLEEP!

Why that deadline?  Well, that is the day that Sienna turns 1 year old (how the heck is she nearly one already?!).  In her 10 months on this planet, it’s safe to say that Sienna’s sleep hasn’t been great.  As a newborn she was typical, some nights just one wake up, most nights two, the odd night 3 or 4, and the even odder night, screaming all night!

As she got older, things didn’t improve.  I learnt to accept it.  With Ella having slept through from 3 months, I thought the same would happen again.  When it didn’t, I started googling like mad.  Then I decided to let her be and that she’d improve in her own time.  They’re all different after all.

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Gro Clock Review

The Gro Clock – Review

If you need your littlies to sleep better, then it’s time to make friends with The Gro Company!  Many of their products are related to helping little ones get a better night’s sleep (and subsequently, us sleep deprived parents too!).  I’m forever talking about how little sleep I get, because it pretty much dominates my life!  And so, any product that promises a little more sleep is something I’m more than happy to give a go!

The Gro Clock is one such item.  The clock works by having stars on the clock when it’s night time and the sun during day time.  You can preset the sun to come on at whatever time you choose.  And, as you put your little one to bed, you set it so the stars come on at that time.  It’s a simple concept for them to understand – the stars mean it’s time to sleep, the sun means it’s time to get up.

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Sleep Deprivation

Surviving Sleep Deprivation

It is very hard to understand how debilitating sleep deprivation is until you suffer from it.  There is a reason we, as humans, need to sleep.  Our bodies need to recharge, our brains need time to process everything they take in, without having to take more stuff in, our muscles need to relax for a little while to make them stronger for the next day, and our eyes need to close, to rehydrate and allow us to see clearly for another day.

When you don’t get enough shut eye, these things can’t happen, or at least can’t happen to their full potential.  We’ve all had bad night’s sleep where we feel rough the next day.  Now imagine that bad night is every single night.  That is when sleep deprivation really takes hold.

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Dropping The Nap

I knew it was going to happen one day.  I thought there’d be a build up to that day.  I thought it would mainly be her choice than ours.  That day came.  It was our choice.  It was a tough one, but something had to be done.  And now…

The nap is no more!!!!!!!

Yep, at 2.5 years old, Ella no longer naps.

It started before Christmas, when sleep deprivation was really starting to come to a head for me.  I was struggling.  Struggling with anxiety, low mood, lack of interest in anything, and all the other lovely things that sleep deprivation brings.  The problem wasn’t just Sienna, and that in itself was the problem.  There were nights that I went from one room, to the other, back to the other.  Because Ella was struggling too.  She would wake and, some nights, be awake for a couple of hours.  She wouldn’t want to be on her own.  Yet, if she got in our bed, she would want to play and would wriggle around, uncomfortable that she couldn’t sleep.  And she’d be noisy, which would inevitably wake Sienna.

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Sienna Teething

A Little Life Update

I feel like I’ve been quieter than usual on the blog recently, other than a few reviews and giveaway stuff.  I’ve had loads of post ideas in my head, but have been lacking the energy to put fingertips to keyboard.  So, I thought I’d post a bit of an update as to what’s going on and where my head is at.

In all honesty, things feel a little tough at the moment.  Really it’s just within the last couple of weeks, though when you’re in it it feels like it’s been going on forever!  And even saying that things feel tough makes me cringe, as I know how wonderfully lucky I am to have two amazing little girls, and really am very happy with my lot.  But still, everyone needs a mini release of feelings now and again!

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Sleepytot Lamb Review

Sleepytot Lamb Review

Ah sleep…what’s that again?!!!

One thing it definitely is is something that dominates the lives of parents.  It’s one of the first questions people often ask about your baby – ‘are they are good sleeper’?  The fact is, most babies aren’t!  They still need that middle of the night comfort and reassurance.

Sienna definitely falls in to the ‘not a great sleeper’ category.  Ella was sleeping through for over 3 months at Sienna’s age (6 and a half months), and I really thought it was the routine and techniques we were implementing that made this so.  Sienna has proved otherwise!  Her sleep is much improved, but often gets setback by regular colds.  And we’ve still to have that magic sleep through.  I just don’t see it happening any time soon!

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An Obsession With Sleep

I have become sleep obsessed. Mainly because I’m just not getting enough!!!

Sienna is five months old now and still doesn’t sleep great. As soon as I feel like we’re getting somewhere, there seems to be a setback, like a cold. And we’re back to multiple night wakings instead of just the one.

When I was pregnant with Ella, I read a few books on baby sleep. And sure enough, the suggestions worked and Ella napped consistently through the day and started sleeping through at 11 weeks. 

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How We Fixed Toddler Bedtime

Ella has been out of her cot and in a toddler bed since around March. And the transition was a good one. She would maybe get out of bed once because she could, but would then bed down for the night.

A couple of months ago, that all changed. She wouldn’t stay put in bed. We have a stair gate across her room door and she would instantly get up and cry, shout, chatter, or bang at the gate.

Sienna was just settling in to going to bed at 7pm as well, so we made a big mistake in hindsight and did whatever we could to keep Ella quiet. This would often lead to her going to bed at about 7, but some nights not going to sleep until about 8.30. And there was the odd night one of us would stay with her til she fell asleep or we’d put the iPad on for her to fall asleep to. Bad habits I didn’t want to keep up!

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