This Pregnancy

Today I hit 36 weeks pregnant.  Which means one more week until I’m full term, and four weeks until due date.  Which means the end is nearing!

It’s no secret that pregnancy isn’t for me.  I hate to be a killjoy.  I’d love so much to be one of those women who bloom and enjoy every day of their pregnancy.  But I’m not.  And this second pregnancy I’ve found particularly hard.  I’ve not had to go through any kind of extreme illness or difficulty with it, though there has been the odd issue.  I just really don’t think it suits me!  I like being up and active and doing stuff.  The exhaustion wears me down mentally as much as it does physically.  And this time I feel more exhausted than ever!

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Pregnancy is not an illness

Here’s another post I wrote in the early weeks of my pregnancy.  

It’s quite apt today, as I’ve just been throwing up and my head is pounding.  My body feels like it’s caving in, and I actually feel asleep with my eyes open!

I’m working from home today, Ella is in nursery.  Which is a good thing really as I don’t think I’d be much use elsewhere.  But I’m delivering training the rest of the week.  So all that stuff that needs doing in the office for the business is going to have to wait until I’ve had a much needed sleep, as I’ll be useless for the rest of the week otherwise.

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The Magic Cure – McDonald’s Fries

This pregnancy has been far worse for sickness than the last.

I started feeling nauseous pretty much from day 1.  In fact, I was nauseous before the test said positive!

And it slowly got worse and worse.  Mainly, as with last time, it’s just been nausea.  I’ve been sick a few times but not very often.  It just felt like I had a permanent, and really bad, hangover!  For the most part, eating seems to take it away for about half an hour before it’s back with a vengeance!

The nausea had stared to subside recently, just appearing in the middle of the night and first thing in the morning.

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The Nipple Issue!

This longer than normal winter is really doing my head in for more than one reason!!

Since getting pregnant, I’ve really suffered with hyper-sensitive nipples!  They really feel the cold and it is AGONY!!!  It’s like they’re on fire, while having pins stuck in them at the same time!  And the pain has been so intense it’s made me feel sick and brought tears to my eyes!

I assumed it was another normal pregnancy symptom.  But no!  It’s another of those quite rare ones!  It’s called Reynaud Syndrome, where the circulation to extremities is affected in the cold.  The trouble is, it doesn’t need to be that cold for it to come on, so any minus temperatures are a given that I’ll be suffering nipple pain!

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I’m still standing!

I got the results back from the doc on why I’ve been getting bad dizzy spells (read the post about the ‘episodes’ here!)!

The bloods came back normal so, as I was seeing the midwife the next day anyway, the doc suggested when she rang that the midwife take my blood pressure repeatedly while I’m stood up.

So, over about 2 minutes, the midwife did just that, and each time it was dropping more and more.  Which explains why I’m going really faint, losing my vision, and not able to stand up after being on my feet.

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I’m so dizzy…!!

One pregnancy symptom I’ve had, which I don’t think is usually one of the ‘normal’ ones, is bad dizzy spells.

I’ve been having these from about 8 weeks pregnant, but they’re progressively getting worse.  And they’re pretty inconvenient too!

So, the first time I had one, I felt like I was close to fainting.  My head went dizzy and I knew I needed to sit down asap.  Since then they’ve progressed to me getting really dizzy and losing my vision.  When at their worst, I also feel itchy all over and want to strip off all my clothes!  Wouldn’t be too bad if they were happening at home, but they rarely are!  Usually I’m out shopping.  It seems to be something to do with the stop/start of shopping maybe?

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Listening to your body

I like to think of myself as pretty strong-minded!  Pre-pregnancy, if I didn’t feel like going for a run, I went anyway!  If I wanted to stay in bed in the morning, I got up anyway.  And if I wanted to eat junk, I ignored the urge and ate healthily.  Well sometimes anyway!

But that all seems to change when you get pregnant.  Suddenly, you can’t really carry on regardless or your body will punish you!

Last week I had a bit of a funny turn when food shopping, and had to sit in the supermarket for 20 minutes waiting for my head to get back to normal!  It exhausted me!  But, when I got home, instead of lying down and recovering, I carried on regardless.  We had a friend coming round for dinner, so I just powered on and pretended everything was fine!  The next day I was completely exhausted.  But still I carried on.  By Wednesday, I couldn’t stop throwing up!  It was like my body was telling me off for not listening to it!

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Morning sickness should be renamed “pregnancy hangover”!

The one way I would describe morning sickness to those who’ve never been pregnant (or lucky enough not to suffer!) is that it’s like having a bad hangover – all the fecking time!!!!

Calling it morning sickness really doesn’t make much sense!  It’s not the case of having a little sick up in the morning then you’re free to go about your day nausea-free!  In the first trimester, I found I’d have it all day no matter what!  Food helped, for about half an hour anyway, then the nausea would be back!  But you can’t really spend your day eating, can you?  Especially when you’re doing all you can not to balloon during pregnancy!

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