I Want To Take It Away For You

My dear, sweet and beautiful Sienna,

I wish I could take it away. I wish I could make you better. I wish you never had to suffer.

But that’s life. We are humans. We suffer illness. You don’t know it yet, but it will make you stronger. 

You’ve had a tough week. We’ve moved house. The environment that was so familiar to you has changed. I think you’ll love it here, but you’ve not really had chance yet to relax in to it and explore.

You’ve had a poorly tummy. You’ve brought whole bottles up, quite spectacularly. And when you have managed to keep your bottles down, you’ve lost it in the other direction. And that has been pretty spectacular at times too. You’ve got through so many vests and sleepsuits that our washing machine can’t keep up.

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Q & A With Dr Joanna Helcké

I started following Dr Joanna Helcké’s online pre and postnatal fitness programme a few months back, and have loved it!  You can find out more about my initial thoughts on the programme here.

I thought it would be worthwhile putting some questions to Dr Joanna for those thinking of taking on this or a similar pre- or post-natal fitness programme!

Dr Joanna Helcke

Will exercising during pregnancy benefit you during the birth?

Exercising the right way in pregnancy can certainly help to prepare you for birth and ease things during labour. Labour is incredibly physical, so keeping the body strong but also supply can only be beneficial.  Many pregnancy exercises such as pelvic tilts and pelvic rotations on a birthing ball, and exercises on all-fours, are also good positions and movements to help you give birth. Being on all-fours will encourage your baby into the correct position for birth whilst pelvic movements on a birthing ball help ease back pain during early labour.

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2015….The Year Of…

New Year brings resolutions. It’s hard not to focus on the opportunity of a ‘fresh start’. We think back to all the things we could have achieved in 2014 and didn’t, so assign them to this year instead.

And so, I too have resolved to do things I didn’t quite manage last year.

Last year I was definitely at my fittest. This time last year I could run 10k. I was doing weekly boot camp sessions and really toning up. Now I’m pregnant, I’ve really brought the exercise to a stand still. Now I’ve got rid of all the illnesses that have plagued the first half of my pregnancy, I’m definitely going to start doing some gentle exercise.

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The Return of the Dribble Bib

Just last week I was sorting a load of clothes and blankets and the like to put in the loft. I had included dribble bibs in the ‘won’t be used again til next baby’ bag, then took them out at the last minute.

And lo and behold, the dribble bibs are back in use, in all their saturated glory!!!

Ella hasn’t worn a dribble bib since she was 5 months old. But this week it’s like some one left the tap on in her mouth! It’s a constant flow!

There’s no denying this is due to teething. Her nappies went disgusting around the same time as the dribble began. And she’s not been sleeping properly at all. She’s cranky and upset and obviously in pain.

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