Date Night at wagamama

We haven’t had many date nights recently.  The girls have both been poorly, and I feel hard of asking anyone to look after them when I can picture them crying for us when we’re out.  Plus, life has been busy!  I was really pleased when we were invited to try out the relatively new wagamama at The Trafford Centre, as it meant we HAD to get out together, just us two.  So, last night, that is what we did!

Wagamama opened in The Trafford Centre in October 2015.  It’s the largest wagamama site in the company, and has a mezzanine floor.  They’ve recently released a new menu, including build your own ramen, so it was great to be able to try it out.  I actually haven’t been in a wagamama since I was a student, ten years ago!  And Sean has never been!!  I think it’s easy to get in to a comfort zone, or to rule something out as ‘not for us’.  But now we’ve broken the wagamama seal, I can confirm it definitely is for us!!!

We poured over the Asian and Japanese inspired menu, while enjoying our beer and wine, trying to figure out what to go for, as everything looked tempting.  We both fancied rice rather than noodles, so I opted for the chicken katsu curry, while Sean went for teriyaki chicken donburi.  We also got a couple of sides – chilli squid and chicken steamed gyoza.  I LOVED my curry!  It was so full of flavour and the chicken was deliciously crispy!  And Sean really enjoyed his meal too.  He didn’t think the shredded carrot belonged with it, but otherwise was more than happy with his choice.  I really liked the gyoza too.  It wasn’t so much to Sean’s tastes, so he filled up more on the chilli squid, which we were both impressed with.  There was definitely no ‘rubber bandiness’ to the squid!  It was cooked to perfection.

All the dishes were so full of flavour.  I pointed out to Sean that we’d pay similar for a ‘pinged’ pub meal, that wouldn’t ever come close to the level of flavour and taste satisfaction we got with our choices!  And it was great to see the open kitchen in action, the chefs working energetically away, and everything being made from scratch.

There were plenty of waiting staff attending to everyone’s needs.  And there were a lot of people to attend to – it was packed when we first arrived about 7.45pm!  I’d say the only thing that let the service down was that drinks took a while to arrive after being ordered.  I ordered a second glass of wine, but we had finished our meal before it came, so I declined it when it arrived, as we’d soon be ready to leave.  The staff were great though, and gave it to me free of charge to make up for the wait, and brought Sean a beer too so that he wouldn’t be sat watching me drinking!!

We had a brilliant night, a really tasty meal, and a great overall experience.  And now wagamama is on our radar, we’ll definitely be nipping back over to the Trafford Centre for another meal there very soon!

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Thanks to wagamama for inviting us to try out your delicious menu!  All opinions are our own.

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