Him Indoors: Part 2

This Friday marks 5 years of being married to Mr Flynn!  So, I’m dedicating a rather long post to him, which I’ve split in to separate posts!

You can find PART 1 HERE.

Here’s part 2….

For our first year together, Sean worked in Wales and only came home to Manchester at weekends.  So, it worked out pretty well.  I would go out with uni friends during the week and with Sean at the weekend!

After we’d been together a year and a half, I was graduated but not really settled on a career.  Sean was now working in Manchester freelance as a site engineer.  So we thought the time was right to spread our wings.

We went to Canada for 8 months in total.  The plan was to maybe live there, but it didn’t quite work out that way.  We spent the first few months travelling, camping in the Rockies, making weird and wonderful friends, drinking lots of rye and beer and growing our relationship even more.

7 months in to our trip and we were living in Calgary.  We had a habit at a weekend to struggle to find anything to do other than drink!  So, once again we found ourselves in an Irish pub on a Saturday afternoon having a great time!  When we got back to our tiny basement flat, we watched Grease!  Sean was pretty annoyed at having to watch it and we had a little row, ending with him flicking me on the head, which I got upset about.  Next thing, he was down on one knee proposing!  Not quite the romantic proposal I had in mind, but it suited me and Sean!

In our drunken state, we wanted to tell family straight away, even though it would have been the middle of the night at home.  So, we headed to the local shop for a phone card, making snow angels on the way (the only romantic part of this proposal tale!), and woke family up drunkenly telling them our news!

There was no ring until a few days later.  The first night I wore it we (bet you can’t guess!) got really drunk!  I passed out and Sean took the ring off and hid it.  I was shaking the next morning when I realised I’d lost it.  Sean started laughing.  The bugger!!  Trouble was he couldn’t remember where he hid it, so it was his turn to panic!

The job situation in Canada wasn’t great.  The recession had just hit and jobs were going to Canadians first above those with working visas.  I had a job essentially stuffing envelopes (for pretty good money!), and Sean had no work so was home alone all day.  Things weren’t going quite to plan so we decided to use the return flight home we had to book for our visa but had never intended to use.

We headed back to the UK at the end of November 2008.


Here’s a few pics from our Canadian adventure!


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