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This Friday marks mine and Sean’s 5th wedding anniversary!  So, I thought it only right that I should dedicate a post to him indoors!  It’s a long one, so I’ve decided to split our story in to a few posts!

Here’s part 1:

I met Mr Flynn when I wasn’t supposed to!  I’d not long been in Manchester and had started my Masters in Organisational Psychology, at the fun-filled age of 21!  I hadn’t long been out of a relationship, so this year was gonna be all about me!  Having fun, studying a bit, and living it up in the big city!

My cousin lived above an Irish pub in the centre of Manchester, so we used to frequent it quite a lot!  On this particular night, we had been in the flat making dubious cocktails from whatever alcohol we could find, so we were definitely in ‘party mode’ when we hit the pub downstairs around 11pm!

I have vague memories of the night.  I know at one stage I was Irish dancing with a crowd in a circle round me on the dancefloor.  The shame (to be fair, it’s the sort of thing I’d still do now when drunk!).

As I went for a wander round the bar, in my sweaty state, I was stopped with the words “You’re not leaving are you?”.  Yep, it was my Flynny!  We chatted for a bit, no idea what about, then he left.

Turns out I must have given him my number cos the next day I had a text!  Something along the lines of ‘how’s the head.  Do you remember me?’.  Guess it must have been obvious how drunk I was!

A date followed.  I wasn’t in the slightest bit nervous.  I was only going along for something to do on a Sunday afternoon, as this year was all about being single remember!

But we really hit it off.  BIG TIME!  We didn’t stop chatting!  I had to leave as I was due at a dinner party and we both didn’t want the date to end.

And, that was it!  Our relationship grew from there!


How young we were! About 6 weeks after we met!

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