Kinetik Non-Contact Thermometer

Kinetik Non-Contact Thermometer – Review

One piece of kit that I have used LOTS since the day Ella was born, is a thermometer.  I remember when I was a little girl, my mum had this strip that you’d hold on the forehead and it would say if you had a fever or not!  Wow, have thermometers come a long way since then!

We have a pretty good thermometer.  It’s the same one that the doctors use at our local surgery, so I feel pretty confident in its ability.  The only downside is the need to stick it in an ear.  Not so easy to do when your child is asleep, or they are feeling too poorly to have something shoved in their ear.  Ella’s never really minded having it put in her ear, but I’ve discovered that Sienna isn’t so keen!  She will fight against you, meaning taking her temperature can be pretty difficult.

So, we were more than happy to give the Kinetik Non-Contact Thermometer a go!

The best thing about this thermometer is that you don’t have to make contact with the person you are testing.  You simply hold the thermometer about 3cm away from their forehead, and it will take a temperature reading.  How clever is that!  This has been invaluable when the girls have both been poorly recently, and particularly useful when they’ve fallen in to that feverish slumber, to check whether the calpol is doing its job in bringing the temperature down.  And it only takes a second to give you a reading.

The thermometer also reads room and surface temperature.  In these colder months, it’s always disconcerting wondering whether your baby’s room is warm enough, or if the central heating is making it too warm!  And it can measure the surface temperature of bath water or bottle milk, or anything else you need to test the temperature of!!  It’s really simple to change modes.

And it’s a diddy little gadget too.  Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

For only £19.99, I think this something that should be part of every parent’s kit!  You can buy the Kinetik Non-Contact Thermometer from Argos, Tesco, Sainsburys, The Co-Op, Morrisons and Asda.

Kinetik Non-Contact Thermometer

Thank you to Kinetik for sending us the Non-Contact Thermometer to review.  All opinions are our own.


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