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Me and Mine – June ’15

There aren’t many pictures of just me, Sean and Ella.  And so, I’ve decided, now we are a family of four, to take a few pictures of us all together each month and join in with the ‘Me and Mine’ project.

June has been our first full month as a foursome.  And it’s been a busy and really fun month!  I love the seasons in the UK.  It’s great to finally feel that we might actually be in summer, as the month comes to a close and the sun comes out.  We’re definitely making as much of the outdoors as we can, while we can!

Ella has settled very quickly in to being a big sister.  She really adores Sienna!  And Sienna has started being more interactive.  She follows you with her eyes as you move around, and she now has big grins for everyone!  Life is becoming much easier, with Sienna’s nonstop feeding slowing down and Ella not being as heavy handed with her sister.

We are trying to make as much as we can of our weekends, and have been on a few mini days out, as well as a holiday to Cleethorpes, which is where we took this month’s pictures.  I’ll be writing a full post about our weekend away soon.  But, needless to say, we had the best time!!  There is nothing I love more than spending time with my family, of seeing Ella and her dad have so much fun together, of feeling like a unit, and of eeking the most out of every day!

The view from our caravan in Cleethorpes was beautiful, right out across the beach.  And so, it seemed like a great spot to take these pictures.  I had brought along my gorilla pod, only to realise the remote was out of battery.  And so, a good old selfie had to suffice instead!

I love the happiness in the first pic, but I also love the others too!  Sienna with her tongue out, and Ella distracted in some and giving cheesy grins in the others.  The joy of the selfie being that she can see herself on the screen and get more involved in the picture!

I can’t wait to take these pictures each month and document the girls growing and our family having fun!

me and mine

me and mine

me and mine

me and mine

dear beautiful

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3 thoughts on “Me and Mine – June ’15

  1. Oh what a beautiful spot, just look at those blue skies! And lovely shots of the four of you – especially Miss Sienna sticking her tongue out!

  2. We stayed at Hopton, Norfolk Haven site last weekend and was expecting it to be a little shabby but was really surprised at Haven’s standards, everything super clean and always workers about seeing to the up keep of the park. Would definitely use Haven again – Glad your girls enjoyed Haven too!

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