My Favourite Things….(February 2016)

Time for my second monthly round-up of some of the things I’ve been loving in the past month!

February was a busy one for us – really busy!  We moved house.  It kind of felt like it suddenly crept up on us, and I was frantically packing our old house up.  Then the date got moved and things felt an awful lot easier!  We did the move in two hours, with the help of strong family hands.  And we are now settled in our new home and loving it.  So, I’m definitely loving our new house!

Here are a few of the other things I’m loving this month!

  1. My Bed

In our old house, I didn’t find our bedroom relaxing.  When we moved in, I was all about the colour and decided our bedroom should be a deep red.  It just wasn’t relaxing.  Our new bedroom is so much more of a relaxing haven and I wanted to make sure our bed is a place of relaxation.  I don’t get enough sleep as it is, so I don’t want insomnia to get in the way.  I bought some twinkly lights, a throw to match the duck egg walls, and some new bright white covers.  It’s had the desired effect, and I’m asleep as soon as my head hits in the pillow, which didn’t always happen in our old house.

February favourites - bed


2. This Kitchen Cupboard

I didn’t notice this cupboard when we looked around the house.  It’s crazy all the things you don’t notice until you move in!  When I started unpacking and came across it, I have to admit I emitted a little squeal of glee!!  Things I love about it – the handles are too high for children to reach, there is enough room for all my non-perishables, I can see everything and get dinner inspiration!  It’s like having a mini pantry in pull out format!

kitchen cupboard


3. Pretty Blooms

I do love flowers, and always have.  But their presence in our house usually comes and goes, centres around special occasions or when I make it to the supermarket rather than doing the shopping online.  At one point in our new home, we had two vases of flowers, a blooming begonia, and an orchid.  And I’ve loved having pretty blooms to brighten up the place.  Tulips are my favourite flower, so I was really pleased to get a bunch from my sister and brother-in-law as a moving in present.


4. Double Cleansing

And so away from interiors and on to beauty, one of my new blog post reading and YouTube watching interests!  I am now a double cleanser in the evening.  This surprises me greatly, as I’ve previously been a zero cleansing person!  I used to use a face wipe in the morning around my eyes to remove any old make up from there, and that was it!  I’m now wearing make up a lot more, so need to get rid of it.  If you’re a YouTube beauty fanatic, then you’ll know who Caroline Hirons is!  She has introduced me to the double cleanse.  Essentially, it’s a first cleanse to remove your make up and a second cleanse to clean the skin and get rid of any last traces of make up.  My night time skincare routine now starts with an eye make up remover.  I then use Garnier Micellar Water to remove my make up.  And I finish with Loreal Cleansing Oil to clean the skin.  The cleansing oil feels perfect for my dry skin.  I’d love to use some of the products Caroline recommends.  But they are a little out of my budget.  I’m not sure I’m worshipping enough at the skincare altar yet to allow me to commit such funds to it!

And that’s it!  March is my birthday month, so I’m hoping to include some presents in next month’s round up!  I’m thinking about doing a not so subtle post about what I would like for my birthday!!


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