March favourites

My Favourite Things….(March ’16)

Wow, did March come and go fast!  I love March.  It’s possibly my favourite month, though I do really love the summer months too.  March starts to promise that summer is on the way.  You get the odd nice day, where you don’t need a coat, the daffs are out, and, it’s my birthday!!

So, here are some of the things I loved in March…

Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo

I love dry shampoo.  I usually wash my hair every other day, but some times don’t get chance* (*can’t be bothered), and other times need something to make it look a bit more presentable in between washes.  I’ve always used Batiste, the king of dry shampoos.  I bought some shampoo and conditioner from Boots the other day, and there was a 3 for 2 offer on.  So, I decided to give this dry shampoo a go for a change.  I won’t be going back (sorry Batiste!).

This dry shampoo smells really nice and fresh.  It doesn’t leave any of that tell tale white powdery residue either.  And it doesn’t ‘clag’ (is that a word?!).  I find Batiste can feel a bit heavy in the hair and you can tell it’s in there when you run your fingers through.  This stuff is practically invisible!

March favourites

Collection Makeup

I’m a bit of a makeup addict these days, and do my makeup most days, which I never used to do.  It’s my little treat to myself and stops me remembering how tired I am, as the tiredness is hidden away!  I love watching monthly favourite videos on YouTube, and a few Collection items have been mentioned along the way.  I remember when Collection was ‘Collection 2000’ and it seemed to be a very teen brand as it was so affordable.  I haven’t really looked at their makeup in a long while, as I assumed this would still be the case.  But it seems to have had a grown up overhaul!  There was an offer in Boots that all Collection makeup was under £4, so I grabbed a few bits.

I’ve seen this Lasting Perfection Concealer mentioned a few times.  It’s fab!  It blends easily and doesn’t shift and really does hide those bags that are deepening under my eyes!  I also picked up the eye primer and the Eyes Uncovered palette in Nude Rose.  I’ve been after a blush toned palette for a while, and these shades are lovely!  Finally, I also got the #FaceTheDay palette.  This is made up of a bronzer, highlighter, blusher and four eyeshadows.  For under £4, I thought it was a bargain.  And I’ve used it pretty much every day since!  The bronzer is a nice muted colour for contouring, the highlighter looks lovely on the cheekbones, and the blush is a pretty pink shade and really pigmented (FYI, don’t use too much!!).   I’m chuffed with my Collection purchases and I’ll definitely be frequenting that make up stand more often!

March favourites


I got this lightbox for my birthday from my brother (by request, as I’d been after one for a while!).  It sits in our kitchen.  I’m still struggling a bit for phrases to put in it, but I’m sure there’s a Pinterest board that can resolve that!  I love having it switched on at night, and seeing it shine in to our kitchen!

March favourites


Technically, this is kind of an April fave, as I’ve particularly gotten in to it in the last few days.  But, I did download the app in March, so I’m going to tag it in here!  At first, I just had a play with the daft face filters you can add.  But now, I have started to share the story of my day.  What I love is that it’s kind of raw.  There’s no fancying around with an expensive DSLR camera.  It’s just your phone.  And I quick snap of what you’re up to.  If you’re on there, add me!  I’m samflynn25.  I’m still getting my head round it, but think it’s going to end up being another procrastination tool for me!!

March favourites


Filming Videos

In March, I filmed my first ever video for my Life of Mum channel.  At the start of this year, I started doing weekly vlogs for my social media training business.  And I’ve really enjoyed making them!  I decided to take the plunge and film our day in black and white and I still love watching it back!  I’m going to be filming more and more videos so watch this space!!  Here’s my first video again, if you haven’t seen it yet!


And that is a wrap for this month!  I might branch out and start filming my monthly favourites as well.  Let me know if you’d like a video version too!!


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  1. Oh lovely March loves here darling. I just got a lightbox for Xmas and absolutely love it. I need to get more symbols for it but it’s brilliant isn’t it? A blogger must have! Thanks for sharing your March favorites on #ShareWithMe

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