My New Found Love For Makeup

I would definitely not call myself a tomboy.  But I’m not the girliest of girls either.  I remember the day I bought my first lot of proper makeup.  I spent my birthday money on it, possibly when I was around 13 years old, though I can’t remember my exact age.  But I never really wore it much.  I wasn’t someone who wore makeup to school every day, as I got that bit older.  And actually, I don’t remember putting makeup on when I was at uni, other than for nights out.

Now I’m in my 30s, things have changed somewhat.  Whereas, when I was younger I could look good without the help of makeup (though looking back at pictures, makeup probably would have helped a bit), I now feel my older face just needs a bit of a ‘prep’!  Though this is very much a recent thing.  This time last year, I wore makeup when working, when going out, and sometimes at the weekend.  If it was just me and the girls for the day, I’d never put any on.  Then sleep deprivation hit, and I discovered that putting a bit of makeup on made me feel so much better.  I no longer caught sight of my grey, tired face, with huge undereye bags, in the mirror.  Instead, I saw a face that looked like it had slept, rather than spending the night settling an upset baby.  And it made me feel far less tired.  I’m not sure how much more my mood would have descended if I hadn’t discovered this, but I do know it’s much higher since I started wearing makeup daily.

The other thing that has lead to my new found love is YouTube.  I have a bit of an obsession with watching makeup tutorials!  I think the main reason behind this is, I never really knew how to put on makeup.  I knew the basics, but I don’t think I ever really used it to its full potential.  I happened across a makeup tutorial while browsing YouTube one day, and was astounded by the stuff I wasn’t doing!  I never used to wear foundation, but it’s now one of my staples.  I didn’t know about contouring, but I now throw on a bit of bronzer in the right places and love the impact it has!  I never included eyebrows in my makeup routine, now they’re one of the most important steps!

I’m still not great at it, but I’m definitely better.  And I feel better for it too.  More confident, prettier, and, happier.  I know that might make me sound shallow or vain.  I’m not sure it comes down to vanity as such.  I don’t care if you see me without my makeup on.  I’m not ashamed of what’s underneath the slap.  While I’m definitely no model, I’m happy with my looks.  But enhancing them with makeup does make me feel better about my self.

It’s become a bit of a hobby, and I enjoy putting it on.  When I have the girls, or on days I’m working, it’s a ten minute job max.  On work days, I try and get it done before the girls get up.  On non-work days, I usually do it when Sienna has gone down for her nap, and bring my makeup downstairs so I can chat to Ella while I’m doing it (she loves watching, and I have to keep my makeup out of reach or she’s straight in there!).  At the weekend, I like to take a bit more time.  I usually pop a YouTube video on at the same time, and do it upstairs while Sean is entertaining the girls downstairs.

I wish I’d taken a before picture, but here’s one of me now, as I type this.  It’s coming towards the end of the day, so the makeup is no longer fresh.  But I still feel fresher than my non-makeup self.

Thank you makeup for giving me a little buzz, for making me feel happier, for giving me a new little hobby, and for hiding those big dark bags!




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