Ordinary Moments #13 – Birthday Fun

Last week I turned 30!!  You can read more about how I felt about it and reminiscing on my twenties by clicking here.

I didn’t expect to really celebrate it much.  To me, celebrating and drinking go hand in hand!  But at 8 months pregnant, that wasn’t really an option!  So, it was a sober sedate celebration!

Me and Sean took a trip to London a few weeks ago as his birthday present to me and to celebrate.  So I really didn’t have any expectations at all for the week.

But it turned in to a fab week!

My birthday was on Wednesday.  I booked in to have my hair done that morning, as the roots definitely needed doing anyway, and what better day than your birthday to treat yourself to a bit of pampering?!  I’m a bit funny about going to the hairdressers.  I hate small talk, so would rather have my hair done in silence.  Luckily, I’ve found a great local hairdresser who doesn’t chat much and does a great job!  And I love the bit where you the colour sets and you can enjoy a brew and magazines (and a KitKat chunky!!).


I spent the afternoon with Ella, then dropped her at her nanna’s for the night.  Me and Sean headed in to Manchester for a meal.  There’s an Italian restaurant called San Carlos in Manchester, that has a great reputation and is really popular with celebs.  We’d never been so it seemed like a great opportunity.  While it was nice and the service was great, I wasn’t as blown away as I would have liked to have been by the food!  But we had a lovely evening out, and were in bed for 9.30 (it’s tiring this late pregnancy lark!!).

It was a great opportunity to take a picture of my bump, with hair done and being dressed up, as my usual bump shots are selfies with Ella’s head resting on it!  And it’s getting to the stage of pregnancy now where you never know when you’re taking the last picture of the bump before it becomes a baby!!!

The next day, my best mate and her husband came over to visit from the North East for a couple of days.  She is pregnant too, so it’s good to have some non-drinking, baby-talking company!!!

And then at the weekend, I went on a spa break with my mother-in-law and three sisters-in-law, to celebrate all our birthdays and mother’s day, and to just get away for the night!  I’ve never been on a spa weekend before, so didn’t really know what to expect.  It’s something I would definitely do again, but not regularly.  I’m not really a chilling out type of person, and would rather be doing something!  I found sitting round the pool uncomfortable and too hot, so while they did that, I had a nice nap!  We enjoyed some lovely food, and an amazing treatment on the Sunday morning.  I think what topped it for me was enjoying 8 hours sleep on the Saturday night!  It’s been a while!

So, all-in-all, my birthday celebrations were much better than I expected them to be!  I would have much preferred to accompany them with champagne, but the upshot is I get the most amazing present in a few weeks time, and for that I really can not wait!!!!

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