Ordinary Moments #15 – From Cot to Bed

I’d mentally diarised that we’d move Ella from a cot to a bed when she was about 2 years old.  Her new sibling would be a couple of months old by then, so she’d have had chance to adapt to that change.  And we might have felt a bit more prepared for any sleeplessness that the shift would bring.

Ella had other ideas though!

For the past few weeks, maybe even the last few months looking back, Ella had not been sleeping at all well in her cot.  She would wake up, scream and then would refuse to go back in her cot when we went in to her.  Her room had a spare double bed in as well as her cot, so nights would often involve one of us getting in the spare bed with her.  It would take her a good 1.5-2 hours for her to settle again.  And often we’d have to resort to giving her a drink of warm milk in the night.  I swore I’d never get in to bad habits like that.  But when you’re sleep deprived and exhausted, the quick fixes are too easy to slip in to.

We’d decided that when Ella moved in to a bed, we’d also move her in to the third bedroom, which I was using as my office.  I’d taken to working on the kitchen table anyway, so it was being used to store business stuff that could be moved elsewhere.  So it made sense to move her in there and leave the cot in the other room with the spare bed for baby number 2.  Sean was keen to get moving and get the room cleared out and ready for Ella, but I kept wanting to wait!

In the end, I acknowledged that something had to change.  Our usual great sleeper had turned in to a rotten sleeper!  So it began to look like the change was going to be less at 2 years and more at 21 months!

We did the room up to be less office and more toddler.  I’ll definitely do a room tour soon!  It looks like such a different space as a little girl’s room, and everything fits perfectly.  Before the bed arrived, Ella slept in the travel cot in the room to get her used to it, and instantly started sleeping better!

We were sent the HelloHome StarBright bed (you can read my review of the bed here!) for the transition.  It’s a great bed for making the move, as it’s low to the ground and has an inbuilt night light that casts stars on to the ceiling.  After we* (*Sean) put it up, Ella ran straight in, jumped in bed and pulled the covers over her.  She was so happy!  I found it quite an emotional moment, seeing her in a ‘big girl’ bed.  She really is a little girl now and not a baby at all.  If I wasn’t pregnant, the broodiness would be off the scale!!!

Her first night in her new bed was Wednesday of this week.  It took about 30 minutes to settle her when she first went to bed.  She did get up a couple of times.  But I was expecting the first night to take longer than 30 minutes!  She woke in the night and got out of bed, but it only took about 10 minutes to settle her back to sleep.  MAJOR progress after spending hours trying to settle her in her cot!

The next night she went straight to sleep!!  And again she woke in the night but was settled within 10 minutes.

The third night it only took about 3 minutes to settle her in the night!  Things were looking good!

Unfortunately, she didn’t do so great last night, though I don’t think the bed was to blame.  She seemed generally unsettled, would settle back to sleep then cry again within an hour.  So maybe teeth or something?  Who knows!  But for the most part, she stayed in the bed while she was waiting for us to go in, so I don’t think it was anything to do with the bed!

We haven’t put up a safety rail.  The bed comes with rails at the side of the head end.  And Ella has not yet fallen out.  So I think it was the right decision, to avoid her feeling too constrained with rails up on the bed.

I’m hoping we’ll soon have the magical night where she sleeps through the night in her new bed!  I’m so glad we decided to make the move early and to get a bit more sleep!  There was nothing to lose in the end really, as none of us were getting enough sleep, so something had to be done before a newborn is thrown in to the mix in a matter of weeks!

And another big advantage has been that she can get up in the morning and play in her room by herself!  She woke at 6am the other morning, but didn’t open the door and go to the gate across her room until about 6.40am!  If she was in the cot, I’d have been up at 6am too!  It’s fab to see her love her new room as a space for her to play in.  And to find her sat on the floor in the morning ‘reading’ her books!


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We were sent the HelloHome StarBright bed by for the purpose of review.  All opinions and images are my own.

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5 thoughts on “Ordinary Moments #15 – From Cot to Bed

  1. She looks so cute and I love her room! Keep going, I’m sure she will settle soon. Mine took a couple of weeks and now they just do what they like at bed time and it stresses me out 🙁 haha x

  2. Oh bless her heart, she sounds like she is doing so well. We put LL in a new bed a couple of weeks ago and so far it’s going well, although they do chatter together as they are in the same room. We barricade her in though as she’s such a cheeky monkey, if she could get out she would be a terror! x

  3. Aww that’s such a big milestone and she looks so cute in her new bed. I’m glad it’s going so well and fingers crossed for a full night’s sleep! When we moved Elma into her toddler bed in January we just put it up expecting to gradually get her used to it before we kicked her out of the cot to put Pip in it but she took one look at it and that was that!

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