Ready to go walk the dog!

The Ordinary Moments #23 – Not Doing Much

Sienna has slotted in to our family life with relative ease!  There have been numerous occasions where I’ve been pinned to the chair feeding her non-stop, while we settle in to breastfeeding.  And of course, there’s the getting up in the night to feed her too.

But otherwise, there doesn’t really feel like there has been a vast change in our lives since Sienna came along almost 3 weeks ago.

The one thing I have noticed though is that I’m not doing as much as I usually would.  I had been blogging about 3 times a week.  The blog has definitely taken a back seat!  I’m just about managing to get my Ordinary Moments done every week!  And I wanted to get Sienna’s birth story up before I forgot what that birth story was!  I keep thinking of posts, then the day passes and I’ve just not had chance!

I’ve also not picked up any crochet projects since Sienna arrived.  For someone who was crocheting pretty much every day, it feels a little weird!  I’ve found some fab Converse type baby booties to make.  But again, it seems so far down the list of priorities!

I thought breastfeeding non-stop would lead to me being on social media non-stop.  But I’ve just not been as interested as usual.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m on the main sites every day, but no where near as much as I would be usually!

So, while I feel my life has changed very little since Sienna’s arrival, some things have definitely slowed down or come to a halt.  After all, I’ve got something far more important to focus on!  Throw in her big sister, and the days are just flying by and my ‘would like to do’ list getting longer and longer!

But having said I’ve not done much, I think that’s only on my own scale!  I have in fact done a fair bit!  Since Sienna was about 3 days old, I’ve been out most days.  Even if it’s just to walk the dog.  Often with both girls with me.  Ella loves to get out of the house, so there’s no way we’d be staying in all day.

I’m sure all the usual stuff will start to appear again, and I’ll find myself back in my old routines.  But for now, I’m quite enjoying taking a back seat from it all!

Ready to go walk the dog!
Ready to go walk the dog!

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One thought on “The Ordinary Moments #23 – Not Doing Much

  1. You enjoy every moment. It goes so quickly, as you know. All this online stuff will be here when you want to come back to it. That newborn bubble is just so lovely, I miss it actually. Even the sleepless nights! x

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