Ordinary Moments #27 – 2nd Birthday Fun

This week, Ella turned two.  The years have whizzed by since she was born.  And yet it seems so long ago since she was a baby. Sienna being here has brought it all back. She’s so similar in looks to Ella as a baby, in the sleepy hours I sometimes find myself flashing back to Ella’s newborn baby days.

And now I have a walking, talking two year old!

It was Ella’s birthday on Thursday, which is usually her nursery day.  As my sister was flying over that day and I needed to pick her up in Ella’s usual nap time, and as she loves nursery so much, I decided to send her in as usual.

And I’m glad I did! She was so spoilt, got loads of presents and they did cake and sang to her!

I picked her up a bit earlier than usual, then it was time for cake number two! Ella adores chocolate cake so I got a mini one, knowing she’d have a bigger one for her party on Saturday!

She sang along to happy birthday and really surprised me by blowing the candles out without any problem and not a drop of spit on the cake! Not bad for a two year old!! 

On Saturday, we had family round for a birthday BBQ. The weather was on our side and it was a beautiful afternoon! So the paddling pool was up and all the kids loved spending the afternoon in it. I love how something as simple as water can keep them entertained all day!! Ella loves playing with her cousins, and was in her absolute element!
And, we tried out the paddling pool the day before just to make sure it was party ready!

Cake number three, a large chocolate cake, went down a treat. As soon as Ella had blown out her candles, she shouted ‘chocolate cake’ really loudly!

She’s had a fab second birthday and loved all the attention on her! And I think we’re all chocolate caked out!!!

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4 thoughts on “Ordinary Moments #27 – 2nd Birthday Fun

  1. Aww it sounds like a lovely week celebrating Ella’s birthday. The girl sure got a lot of cakes haha, sounds like my kind of week! 😉 Happy belated birthday to her! Two is a great age, you will love it! xx

  2. Happy Birthday Ella! How wonderful to celebrate at nursery with all her friends! And she sounds like she’s been celebrating in style, even if you have had a surfeit of chocolate cake!!

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