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Oribel Peripop Foxey Review

I love things for kids that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional too.  And the ORIBEL Peripop Foxey is definitely that!

The Peripop can be used as a playmat or blanket.  AND, it can be stuffed with soft toys, blankets, clothes, or whatever you want to, to create a pop up cushion too!

The Peripop Foxey is a really sweet design, and you can use it either way round.  The fox head can either by awake or asleep, depending which way round you have it, and the body can be orange or a funky mustard chevron design.

Oribel Foxey

It’s also perfect kiddie size for snuggling under and watching videos on the iPad!!

Oribel Peripop

I’ve stuffed our Peripop with Sienna’s blankets.  It’s a really handy place to keep them, as I can quickly grab one whenever needed.  And it makes the pop up cushion nice and soft.  It’s really good for Sienna’s tummy time, and she is much more comfortable on this, sloped upwards, than she is on her tummy flat on the floor.

Oribel Peripop

It’s also really good for sitting her on.  She’s still not 100% stable all the time, and occasionally suddenly tips back.  So, it gives her somewhere to sit with a cushioned landing if she does fall back.

Oribel Peripop

I think the Peripop is going to be used for quite a while in our house.  I don’t think it particularly has an age limit to it.  I can see it being a regular feature in Ella’s room as she gets older, and plan to use it as a cushion for her to sit on in a reading corner in Ella’s new room when we move house!  Foxey is here to stay!!!

Oh, and this little man is quite keen on it too….

Oribel Peripop

We were sent the Oribel Peripop Foxey for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.



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