Christmas 2015

Our Christmas 2015

Wow does Christmas seem like a distant memory now!  I didn’t do any blogging between Christmas and New Year, so I’m on memory catch up now, getting them down before they are memories no more!

We spent Christmas at home in Manchester this year.  My family live in the Isle of Man, so we are often over there for Christmas.  Much as I missed my family, I am glad we were at home this Christmas.  I feel that December was quite a tough month, with Sienna waking lots, Ella waking some nights too, and me really not getting anywhere near enough sleep.  So, it was really nice to relax at home over Christmas, without having to pack everything up and head over the (often rough) sea!  We made the best decision ever about a week before Christmas to stop Ella napping in the day.  This meant she was flat out asleep by about 6.30pm and wasn’t waking at all until around 7am the next day!  One child sleep improved!!!  Sienna’s sleep also started to improve by Christmas week, so things really were on the up!!

I also found myself, as usual, doing last minute shopping.  Why can’t I just get it all done in advance?!!  I thought I’d do it all online, but then there’s always those little things you have to get elsewhere.  Vouchers for beauty treatments, boxes of chocolates, and such like.  So, when Christmas week came round, I was ready to really chill!

I haven’t got out lots since Sienna was born.  Certainly, since I got pregnant with Sienna, I’d say my social life almost became non-existent!  But in the run up to Christmas, I had a few nights out, and really enjoyed the change from being at home in my PJs!  It’s been great to enjoy a few drinks, both going out socialising and at night at home with Sean.  And I’ll admit, I’ve also let the healthy eating slip a bit over the festive period, which I can’t deny I’ve enjoyed too!!

There’s always a big fuss of baby’s first Christmas.  But really, the baby knows nothing of what is going on and goes about his/her day as normal.  And while it’s been great to spend this Christmas as a new family of four, it’s Ella that has really made it so special.  Baby’s third Christmas I’d say kicks the ass of baby’s first!!  For the first time, Ella talked about Christmas.  She pointed out every Christmas tree.  She talked about Santa bringing her presents.  And that excitement definitely made me feel more festive than I have in many years!

On the 23rd December, Ella was in her nursery Christmas sing-a-long, dressed as an angel.  I thought she’d be the star of the show, as she loves singing.  But as soon as she caught sight of me amongst the parents, and then lost sight for a couple of minutes while people moved around, she burst into tears, and was upset for the whole performance!  Her dad getting there in time after finishing work for Christmas stemmed the flow of tears.  And she enjoyed the rest of the day at nursery.  Releasing balloons with all the other children, meeting Santa and getting her first present, and seeing the donkeys, even if she did refuse to get on one for a ride!

Christmas 2015

On Christmas Eve we decided to take the girls to see the Lightwaves show at Media City, with large inflatable rabbits lit up.  The weather had other ideas though.  They had to deflate the installations due to strong winds, much to Ella’s disgust!  Luckily, we found a teepee with a fire in and a bar.  Mulled wine solves everything at Christmas!  That evening, we gave the girl’s their first present to open – some Christmas pyjamas, a book about Santa getting ready to deliver his presents, and a surprise egg for Ella (current obsession!!!).

Christmas 2015

And then the big day arrived.  Santa had been!!!!  We didn’t spend much on the girls for Christmas this year, as we are going to get them a trampoline for our new garden when we move house.  But we did get them lots of little things to open, bath toys, a little car each, an outfit for Christmas Day, another surprise egg for Ella, and numerous other bits.  My mum got Ella a bike, and we thought this is what she’d be most excited about when seeing the presents laid out on Christmas morning.  We wrapped paper round it so she couldn’t see what it was and needed to open it like the other presents.  But she didn’t want to go near it, and said it was too big and that she wanted small presents!  Of course, she now loves the bike, but it’s so funny that we thought it was all about the big present, when really she just wanted to open lots of little ones.  I’m sure that will change as the years go by!  When Ella is asked what she got for Christmas, her first answer is surprise egg!  49p well spent!!!  And, as with most babies, Sienna was far more interested in the wrapping paper than what was inside!


Unfortunately, my phone decided to go for a swim in my cup of tea on Christmas morning!  As I use my phone to take all my pictures, I was without camera for the day, so have hardly any pictures other than those that others took and have sent to me.  Gutted!!!  I’m spending my Christmas money on a decent camera, so hopefully that won’t be an issue again, and my photography will also improve.

We took the girls to mass, then headed round to Sean’s parents.  In the nine years I’ve been with Sean, I’ve only spent one Christmas with his family!  We’ve either been in the Isle of Man, on holiday or, when in Manchester, had some of my family at our house for Christmas.  Ella loved playing with her cousins, as ever.  And having more presents to open too!  We had a really lovely day and we ended up not getting home until about 12.30am, leaving Ella to sleep at her nanna and grandad’s and just bringing Sienna home with us.  It was a lovely, chilled, relaxing and happy Christmas Day.  And Sienna got to enjoy her first Christmas dinner!

Christmas 2015

Over the time between Christmas and New Year, we did a mix of relaxing and getting out for walks when the weather allowed!  We spent more time with family, and drank and ate more too!  It’s Sean’s birthday a couple of days before Christmas, so this year I treated him (us!) to a night in a hotel in Harrogate.  It was so lovely to have a mini break in the strange limbo time after Christmas.  I even managed a two hour nap the afternoon we got there, which was bliss (though maybe not as much fun for Sean!  Sorry Sean!!).

New Year’s Eve is always a funny one when you’ve got small children.  The chances of getting a babysitter are pretty slim, so it’s a case of trying to fit any celebrations around the kids.  We moved our celebrations to the afternoon, after a lovely walk in the morning to make the most of the brief time it wasn’t raining!

Christmas 2015

We went round to some friends for a few drinks.  They actually own the nursery Ella goes to and have become good friends, and a great help with our girls.  And Ella loves playing with their kids.  Then we moved on to Sean’s cousins, and had more drinks there.  We were home for 9, and just about saw midnight before we crashed out!

I see New Year’s Day as the final hurrah!!  After all the over-consumption of Christmas, I definitely feel that I want to eat healthier once the new year comes round.  But that can never include the 1st of January!  So, it was a takeaway with Sean’s family and a few more drinks to wave off a brilliant festive period.

I’m gutted I don’t have more pictures.  But actually it was lovely to be detached from my phone for the time (in fact I’m not sure my phone is going to see the light of day again….).  I spent far less time on social media, and less time thinking of taking pictures.  It was a real break, just what was needed!

So, that’s another Christmas over.  I think next year will be even more exciting.  Ella will have more understanding, and Sienna will be up and about toddling.  And hopefully, there’ll be lots more pictures to share!  But in the meantime, there’s a whole year of fun for us to have!

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  1. Ah it sounds like you all had a lovely Christmas together and I am glad their sleeping has improved as well. I agree that Christmas just gets better and better as they get older and they understand more. I love the photo of the balloons being realised, what a lovely idea. Happy New Year to you all. x

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