Picnic In The Park With smarTrike #SmartDiscoveries

Sienna is at an age where she is absorbing everything.  I’d love to see the world through her innocent eyes, and to take in everything around me with the same wonder!

Over the summer, Ella went to nursery for an extra day to help prepare her for preschool.  They are usually both in childcare at the same time, so it was really lovely to get to spend some one-on-one time with Sienna, which I haven’t really done since she was a baby.  Every Wednesday, over the summer, would be mine and Sienna’s day.  And luckily the weather was usually good enough for us to get out with the dog for a long walk.  Because we didn’t have Ella with us, we didn’t need the option of the buggy board for a 3 year old who has the habit of wanting to hop on when walking gets too much.  So we were chuffed to receive a Explorer 5-in-1 smarTrike for Sienna to see the world from a new perspective, to take in more around her, and to enjoy her dog walk in a new set of wheels.


Now, Sienna can be a bit of a fussy child.  So, I did wonder if she’d be happy in the smarTrike, as she has been known to kick off when in the buggy.  But she absolutely loves it!!!  I can tell she feels more grown up in it.  And more aware of her environment.  Our dog walks always take us through out local park, and there are loads of squirrels there.  Sienna loves spotting them running ahead of us on the path, and then laughing at Ned chasing them!!!  Like her older sister, she is definitely an animal lover and is fascinated by them.


Now Ella is at preschool in the mornings, I didn’t want to lose our lovely habit of getting the smarTrike out for a walk.  So, one day this week, I suggested to Ella that we take their usual afternoon snacks to the park on our dog walk, and have a little picnic.  Ella loved the idea.  She was even happier when I told her that Sienna was going in her trike, and she could bring her scooter!  I think the buggy board will soon be redundant, finally!!!

Sienna loved watching Ella scooting ahead of us.  She cheered her along and was giggling the whole time.  The smarTrike is so much more open than a buggy, and I’m sure Sienna felt like she was scooting along with Ella too.

The girls loved their snacky picnic.  Ella has been asking everyday since to go for a picnic while we walk Ned, and if Sienna can go on her ‘new bike’!  She has even ridden her scooter all the way to preschool one morning, so the trike will be joining us on school runs from now on.  And the smarTrike was super handy in carrying our picnic blanket and snacks in the big bag included at the back of the trike, while also having room for my camera, phone, keys and tissues (oh, and poo bags for Ned!) in the zip pocket.  Inevitably, Ella didn’t manage to make it all the way there and back on her scooter, and our journey home involved me carrying her scooter while pushing Sienna along.  One-handed steering has never been so welcome!

#smartdiscoveries #smartdiscoveries

And we took a little video of our picnicking adventure too:

The #SmartDiscoveries campaign from smarTrike is encouraging parents to open up new adventures and discoveries for their little ones when out and about on their smarTrike.  Sienna has definitely enjoyed her #SmartDiscoveries, and you can share yours too using the #SmartDiscoveries hashtag!  The smarTrike is a super comfortable way for your little ones to get about and can be used from ages 10 months to 3 years (not that I’m telling Ella that or there’d be fights over who got to use it!!).  It has a reclining seat if little one wants to nap in it, which I think is a fab feature that is rarely included in other types of trike, and a sun canopy.  And Sienna is particularly in love with the toy phone that is included!!  She’s often busy making important calls while we’re out walking!!  I can’t wait for Sienna to experience more #SmartDiscoveries in her smarTrike.

You can purchase the new 5 in 1 Infinity smarTrike here!

Thanks to smarTrike for working with us! All opinions are our own.

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