Protecting Children’s Teeth from Acid Erosion

There are a few tasks that I just don’t enjoy as a parent – cutting nails, dealing with up-the-back attacks, and, teeth brushing!!!  Ella has struggled with teeth brushing since she has had teeth.  She hates it!  We’ve tried everything from playing toothbrushing songs to her while she brushes them, teaching her to do it herself rather than us doing it, and giving her lots and lots and lots of praise when she either allows us to do it or gets it right herself.

We seem to have finally hit a point where she will do some tooth brushing herself and then let me finish them off and make sure the job is done properly.  It’s such a relief as, no matter how much we’d like to limit naughties like sweets, cake and juice, they creep in to her diet more often than we’d like.  So, it’s really important that we do as much as possible to protect her cute little toothie pegs!


Pronamel for Children have conducted a recent survey amongst parents about how much they know about acid erosion.  Acid erosion is the wearing away of the protective enamel on the teeth more often than not caused by the consumption of every day food and drinks that contain high levels of acid.  Children’s enamel is 50% thinner than adults, so it’s especially important to consider the impact diet has on their teeth.

Pronamel for Children’s survey found that 30% of parents gave fruit as a snack, 27% gave biscuits and 3% gave vegetables.  Ella definitely eats a fair bit of fruit, as it seems the sensible choice, but I’ll be sure to think about how much she’s having in future.  Luckily, she does like a lot of vegetables too, and will often have cucumber or pepper as a snack.

We also need to be more aware of danger times, like Christmas and Easter.  83% of parents let their children eat more chocolate and sweets over the Christmas period, and we’re definitely quilty of that!


So, how can you protect your child’s teeth from acid wear? Professor David Bartlett shared his top tips for Pronamel for Children.  The include limiting the frequency of consumption of acidic foods and drinks through the day, avoid brushing straight after eating or drinking acidic foods, nibble on a tiny piece of cheese or swill with water/milk after each meal, use a straw, brush twice a day with an optimised flouride toothpaste like Pronamel for Children.  We’ve always used adult toothpastes with Ella, but she finds a lot of them harsh and too minty.  This is a little less minty, and Ella is more than happy to use it, which makes life easier for us when it comes to teethbrushing time.  It also helps re-harden acid-softened tooth enamel.

I’ll definitely be thinking more about acid wear in the future when it comes to the oral health of both Ella and Sienna.  Their smiles are far too important for me not to!


In collaboration with Pronamel for Children.


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