As I have an underactive thyroid, I have to have regular growth scans, as apparently taking thyroxine can lead to small babies.  So god knows how big 9lbs1 Ella would have been if I wasn’t on thyroxine!!!

As such, the 20 week scan isn’t the last opportunity for us to see our baby.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a scan at 28 weeks to check growth.  Growth was fine.  But there was something else that wasn’t.

The sonographer thought one of the ventricles of the brain looked more pronounced than the other.  It was described in the notes as a ‘dangling choroid plexus’.  She seemed non-plussed about it, so at the time of her telling us, I really didn’t worry.

I was due to see the consultant after the scan.  Sean went off to work, as he didn’t have enough time off work to sit waiting well over an hour for the consultant.  Unfortunately, this gave me time to get on Google.

I didn’t really expect to see any bad news.  But most of it was indeed bad news.  Edwards Syndrome, chromosomal abnormalities, brain infection, all horrific.

I could feel the tears welling up sat there in a waiting room full of other big bellied ladies.

I went in to the consultant, who explained it was probably absolutely nothing to worry about.  That these things can show up and then disappear.  Or that it could have been the position of the baby.  She was too nice, which made me more teary!  She suggested I be referred on for a scan with a fetal development specialist.

I spent the next few days really anxious and emotional.  I just couldn’t help imagining the worse, that either our baby wouldn’t survive outside of the womb or that our child would be brain damaged.

Sean was positive throughout that it was nothing.  And, after a few days, I started to come round to this way of thinking too.  I thought little of it, other than in the dead of night, when these anxieties always creep back to the surface.

Yesterday, at 30 weeks pregnant, we had the scan with the specialist.

I was so anxious going in.  I had to go to the toilet straight away, then down glass after glass of water to fill my bladder back up.

In the scan, he took forever staring at the brain from different angles and taking measurements.  It was probably around 10-15 minutes of silence and me trying to desperately read his face for any signs of worry.

Then…”I can’t see anything to get excited about”.

His exact words.  Well I could!  The excitement was that there was nothing to worry about!  He said he thought I needn’t have been referred and that later scans can often be deceptive due to the increased bone density of the baby as it grows.

He sent me off for bloods to check for infection to be on the safe side, but otherwise is confident that there is absolutely nothing wrong with baby.

Wow, the relief!!!!

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6 thoughts on “Relief

  1. That’s great news – what an anxious time that must have been for you all. So glad that all appears to be well and hope the rest of your pregnancy is smooth-sailing.

  2. Somehow stumbled across your block in recent weeks and really enjoy reading! 🙂 I am so glad everything turned out ok with your scan and that there’s nothing to worry / ‘get excited’ about :). I also have an underactive thyroid and take thyroxine, and am 25 weeks pregnant. However, nobody has mentioned to me that there is the possibility of having a small baby. Nor have they mentioned growth scans. I had growth scans with my first pregnancy (when I wasn’t taking thyroxine), and she turned out an average size, despite me having a small bump. My bump is small this time too, although I just put it down to my height/frame! I’m on 75mcg of thyroxine, is that similar to you? xx

    1. Thanks for commenting Charlotte! I’m on 125mg. Maybe they only worry over a certain dosage? Also seems to be different procedures in different areas! Maybe mention it to your midwife at your next appointment to check you shouldn’t be being monitored? My daughter was 9lbs1 so the small thing didn’t really work last time! Xx

      1. Thanks, I’ll be sure to mention it on Tuesday when I see my midwife :). I see an endocrinologist regularly and have my thyroid checked monthly anyway throughout pregnancy so I’m hoping they’d mention the growth scan business to me if they thought it necessary, but I’ll still check :). Apparently my thyroid isn’t that under active either, although like you say, there are so many geographical variances in what is classed as normal or what best practice etc is!

        And what a small world we live in eh! No doubt we’ve bumped into each other at sine point!!


    2. Just seen you live in the Isle of Man! I’m from the Isle of Man! Living in Manchester now though!! Xx

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