Siblings February

Sibings (February ’16)

I’m a little late in posting this.  Blogging isn’t so easy when you have no internet!  As we’ve just moved house, we’re waiting for it to be connected.  So, I’m snatching internet opportunities where I can.  I definitely didn’t want to miss an opportunity to share pictures and talk about my girls in February.

Well, as another month passes, the bond between the two girls seems to get stronger.  There are more and more circumstances where I catch them giggling together, which is so lovely considering Sienna is only nearly 9 months old and can’t properly communicate yet.  She finds Ella hilarious.  All Ella needs to do is break out in to a dance, play peek-boo or full a funny face, and Sienna is in hysterics!  Which leads to Ella laughing along too!

Sienna has been pretty poorly the last couple of weeks.  She has had conjunctivitis and then a tummy bug too.  This has definitely lead to Ella playing up a bit, as Sienna has demanded so much attention.  But it’s been lovely to see little moments of tenderness from Ella to Sienna.  She’s regularly heard saying ‘it’s ok Sienna’.  And she’ll bring her toys to help her feel better.  And she’ll tell anyone who will listen that Sienna has poorly eyes!

There seems to be more opportunities for play as Sienna gets older.  Ella will push her round in her walker.  And they’ll often play with the same toy at the same time.  Or Ella will tip up her bag of bricks, and Sienna will knock some bricks together and chew on them, while Ella builds something.  I can’t deny, I’m really looking forward to a time when they entertain each other.  I might get a few more hot brews drank!

Ella is loving Sienna going to nursery now too.  Last week, Sienna couldn’t go due to her tummy bug.  Ella was so upset.  She decided she didn’t want to go to nursery either.  When I picked her up at the end of the day, Ella’s first words were ‘where is my Sienna’.  She’s started referring to Sienna as her baby, which is something she never used to do.  There seems to be a new level of nurturing coming through from Ella, and there are far more circumstances of her going over to Sienna a kiss or a cuddle, rather than to push her over or hit her.

Of course, being a bolshy toddler, there are still some episodes of Ella being too heavy-handed, or pushing boundaries and lashing out at Sienna.  Sienna seems to bear it well.  I know it’s something that will continue, and will soon be reciprocated by Sienna.  It’s part of the sibling dynamic, lashing out at those we love the most.

I looked at both my girls side by side the other day, and realised how similar they are becoming.  Sienna looked a lot like Ella at birth, then as she got older, those similarities faded.  Now they seem to be stronger than ever.  The face shape, the smile, the glint in the eye.  There is no denying these two are sisters!

I rushed this month’s pictures.  Sienna has looked poorly, with bad eyes, for a couple of weeks now, so I’ve not really encouraged any photo opportunities.  I knew I had an internet opportunity today, so really wanted to get these photos taken, and so this morning was my only chance, while they were still both in their pyjamas.  They weren’t really up to the performance.  They were looking away, or moving too fast for the frame, and just generally doing their own thing.  I’ve always said I’m not that keen on the staged photos.  So, the reality is, this is the reality!  The real life comes through in the pictures.  The moving around, captured moments of looking at each other, and just getting on with life, rather than worrying about creating the right image!

Siblings February Siblings February Siblings February Siblings February Siblings February

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