Siblings (August ’15)

My girls have now been siblings for three whole months!

I can’t help half wishing the time away. Sienna is growing too rapidly, which certainly makes me a little sad. But Ella is desperate for some company!  Sienna isn’t much company to her at the moment. They can’t have a natter or play together, but I know we’re only a few months away from them at least being able to have a bit more interaction. 

Ella has started to show a little jealousy towards her sister. She sometimes tries to push her away when she’s feeding, and suddenly wants me to pick her up if I’m carrying Sienna. I don’t mind as I think it’s really good for Ella to learn that she can’t always have everything her own way. The joy of a sibling is learning about sharing, even if at the moment that means sharing my affection rather than toys.

The jealousy seemed to peak and now it is waning away again. In fact, Sienna almost seems to be a comfort for Ella. Ella was poorly yesterday and ended up spending a couple of hours in hospital. She laid on the bed holding Sienna’s hand to help her feel better.  

She is still over affectionate with Sienna, though Sienna is definitely not as fragile any more and is able to withstand it more.  In fact, Sienna often has a big smile when Ella gives her a bear hug!! 

These pictures were taken first thing in the morning when Ella climbed in bed with me and Sienna. Ella’s hair is a mess! But she always loves it when I ask her to have a picture with Sienna! 


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  1. Ella never really played with dolls at nursery she would rather build a tower or take part in messy play, baking and painting. Since the arrival of her gorgeous sister Sienna she has wanted to play with the baby dolls, carry them round, undress them and feed them she is mimicking her mum, it’s been such an important part of her development having a sibling. She loves the babies but then she always did if there dummies fall she will pick it up and place it in their mouths if they cry she rubs their heads to Sooth them. The skills she has learnt watching mummy and Sienna are amazing to see. These two sisters will be very close indeed, bestest friends, friends for life I am looking forward to watching that friendship grow.. They are the cutest girls and cannot help but love them dearly xx

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