December Siblings

Siblings (December ’15)

We’re fast approaching Sienna’s first and Ella’s third Christmas.  Too fast if you ask my Christmas shopping list, which has far fewer ticks than I’d like!!!  And this post marks the seventh month of siblings!

The girls really are closer than ever.  They are so much more interactive with each other now.  Sienna is sitting with ease, and rarely falls over (though often gets pushed….!).  This has definitely given Ella more opportunity to play with Sienna, sitting with her on the floor and playing with the same toys.  I think it’s also given Ella the impression that Sienna is also a play thing for her, as she’ll regularly wrestle her for a cuddle!!  Sienna doesn’t seem to mind, even if it leads to Ella often being put on the naughty step!!

They also really make each other laugh.  They are often in fits of giggles, particularly in the bath!  I’ve no idea what they’re laughing about!  And Ella still hates Sienna going for a nap, and wants to always be around her.  For all she can be rough with her, she can also be really gentle, giving her soft kisses and carefully putting Sienna’s dummy in for her when she’s crying.

Ella is definitely happiest when she has a play mate, rather than playing independently.  She thrives around other children, and her confidence really comes out.  It makes me really glad that we have quite a small gap between the two girls.  I’m sure it’ll pass in such a flash before they are running off inventing games together!

The past couple of weeks have been a bit tougher on the girls as siblings.  Sienna is really not herself at the moment.  She has been a sensitive and vocal baby since she was born, but had started to calm down.  The last couple of weeks, she has been back to being irritable and upset, and she has really struggled to settle and to sleep. I’m guessing it’s teeth, or it could be something shifting in her development that is leaving her frustrated.  As such, I am having to dedicate more attention to her.  She needs more cuddles and she needs lots of help in nodding off.  This has been tough on Ella, and I’m sure she has felt the shift.  I’m doing as much as I can to give Ella the attention as soon as Sienna is asleep.  But it’s very hard to get an upset baby to sleep when there is a toddler at your side shouting questions and demanding attention too.  The lack of sleep has shortened my fuse, and I do feel awful at the number of times I snap at Ella for not staying downstairs while I’m settling Sienna, or at the least, not staying quiet.  I have to remind myself that she is only 2.5 years old, and her understanding isn’t as developed as I sometimes expect it to be.

I know this will pass though, and luckily they are still having some lovely interactions as sisters.  And Ella does instantly try to comfort Sienna when she starts to get upset.

I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year, as it’s the first year Ella is clicking on about it.  She talks about Father Christmas coming and bringing toys.  I think she’s going to be so excited when she wakes up Christmas morning to discover he’s been!  And, of course, it’s Sienna’s first Christmas, and our first as a family of four.  She’ll have no idea what’s going on, but I hope she has a happy day and that her teething struggles, or whatever it is that is bothering her, will have settled down by then.  Plus, I can’t wait for Sean to have some time from work and to be able to share the load a little!!

I’m looking forward to carrying on these siblings posts in the new year, and seeing how their relationship develops as Sienna becomes mobile and even more interactive.  Seeing Ella as she is now, so chatty and full of fun, makes me so excited to be doing the journey again from baby to toddlerhood.  And to see the differences in personality, and the bond that our two girls have together grow and grow.

December Siblings

December Siblings

December Siblings

December Siblings

And here’s a little look back on each month of siblings this year:

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