Siblings January

Siblings (January ’16)

The first siblings post of the year!  The girls had such a good Christmas together, and now have a mountain of toys. And of course, they have to play with the same toys.  Ella is showing so much interest in Sienna’s baby toys, purely because Sienna is playing with them.  She’s slowly learning about sharing!

The girls are, yet again, more interactive with each other, and the apple of each other’s eye!!  Sienna’s face lights up as soon as she sees Ella.  Ella still doesn’t want Sienna to go for a nap.  And they really are starting to become proper buddies.  They’ll giggle and giggle together while rolling round on the floor.  And Sienna is so much more sturdy to deal with Ella’s bear hugs.  It’s meaning there are fewer tears, from both of them, and I can finally leave them for a few seconds on their own while I go grab something from the kitchen or upstairs.  I wouldn’t have dared upto now!

I’ll be really interested to see the change in their relationship as Sienna gets more mobile.  She’s not really been much of a roller, but has started rolling on to her tummy more, and then drawing her knees up to try and launch forward.  Ella was 8.5 months when she started crawling.  Sienna turns 8 months in a few days, so it will be interesting to see if she follows the same pattern.  I can see Sienna being Ella’s shadow when she starts to crawl.  She looks up to her big sister so much.

Sienna had her first day at nursery last week.  She’ll be starting there one day a week from February, going on the same day as Ella. But I had to work one day this week, so it was an opportunity for Sienna to have a bit of a taster day.  Ella was so excited when I told her Sienna would be staying at nursery.  Ella is upstairs with the older children, while Sienna will be with the babies and younger toddlers downstairs.  Ella was adamant that she would be spending the day downstairs with Sienna.  And she did spend some of the time down there.  She was in the toilet, when Sienna started crying, and Ella came running out with her pants round her ankles shouting ‘Sienna’s crying’!!

Sienna got this dinosaur rocker for Christmas, and Ella loves it just as much!  So, this month’s photos show the two of them enjoying the dinosaur rocker together.

Siblings January Siblings January Siblings January Siblings January Siblings January

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2 thoughts on “Siblings (January ’16)

  1. Oh yes of course they have to play with the same toy! We have that here too. Toys that the big one hasn’t shown any interest in years until the little one picks it up. Hope Sienna enjoyed her taster day in the end, how sweet of Ella to be looking out for her.

    1. Yes I think it’s joint presents from now on! She had a great time at nursery, she’s been again and loves it! X

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