Siblings (July ’15)

Sienna is now 8 weeks old and I doubt Ella remembers a time when she wasn’t here!! 

At this moment, the age gap between them seems huge, though it’s actually less than 2 years. I know as they grow older, the gap will shrink and they’ll be closer and closer to each other.

Ella is still quite heavy handed with Sienna. It’s all with affection, but she doesn’t quite understand to give gentle cuddles, rather than the tight squeezes she gives us.

Sienna is smiling lots now every day and it’s great to see her start to interact, just through a smile! Her eyes follow Ella round and she often gives her the biggest smiles!

There are still no signs of jealousy from Ella, though she will often be naughty while I’m feeding. Her behaviour is changing a lot, but I think that is her growing older rather than in reaction to Sienna being here.

Ella loves having her picture taken with Sienna. In fact she loves doing anything that involves her little sister! I love the simple cuteness of these shots!! 


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  1. Oh these are gorgeous photos – love the first one and the last one particularly. Sounds like you have a similar age gap between Sienna and Ella as I have between my two girls and it definitely feels like it shrinks as they both get bigger. #siblings

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