siblings june

Siblings (June ’15)

Now I’m a mum of two, I’ve decided to get involved with the siblings project and share pictures and thoughts on my girls and their growing relationship each month.

There are less than two years between Ella and Sienna.  I think the gap will feel less and less as they grow older together.  While Ella is getting more articulate every day and able to communicate more and more with us, Sienna is obviously just a few weeks old.  As such, there’s not much opportunity right now for them to grow their relationship.  But already, Ella obviously adores her baby sister.

She knows she is called Sienna.  If you ask her where Sienna is, she’ll point straight at her.  Yet Ella’s name for Sienna is baby (said bayyyybeeee!!!).  She asks for baby first thing in the morning.  She runs to the crib upstairs to see her in it, or the pram downstairs.  And if she can’t see her, she’ll ask where baby is.

I dropped Ella at nursery last week, with Sienna in the pram, and Ella instantly told the person who answered the door ‘my baby’!!  She’s so proud of her little sister!

And very affectionate towards her.  Maybe a little too affectionate!  She is a little heavy handed with her baby sister and doesn’t quite understand how tiny she is!  She wants to squeeze her in to a tight cuddle.  And lift her up.  And rest her head on her.  All very affectionately.  She just needs to learn to be gentle!!  The good thing is that, as Ella ages she’ll understand this more, and as Sienna ages she’ll get more sturdy!

I can’t wait to see their relationship develop.  And can imagine them in years to come causing us all sorts of trouble together!

siblings june


siblings june


siblings june


siblings june


siblings june

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3 thoughts on “Siblings (June ’15)

  1. Aww they’re so cute together! its so hard at that age isn’t it to balance the enthusiasm with a little realisation that babies are not as robust as teddies!

  2. Oh, how sweet! I love the names of your girls btw. Gorgeous and these are gorgeous photos too!
    There is just over a 2 year gap between my girls 🙂

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