Siblings May

Siblings (May ’16)

So, this is the 11th month of writing these siblings posts.  Which means we are approaching Sienna’s first birthday.  In fact, it’s in a matter of days.  I can’t believe she’s going to be one!  I’m sure I still have a baby.  Well, I know I still have a baby.  She’s definitely not a toddler yet, as she’s barely cruising.  While she loves to be on her feet, crawling is still her main mode of transport!

The girls’ relationship is closer once again.  There are so many giggles between the two of them.  Sienna just seems to find Ella hysterical.  Ella doesn’t have to do much to stir up a belly laugh from Sienna!  We’ve recently stopped using a bath seat for Sienna in the bath, and it’s made a big difference to bathtime.  They seem to interact so much more without the barrier of the seat.  And every bath time is now fifteen minutes filled with giggles from both of them.

We bought a trampoline for the girls the other day.  It was something we talked about as soon as we moved in to our new house, and had a bigger garden.  And it’s proved to be a big hit.  But Ella is much more keen on going on it if Sienna is going on too.  She is still so desperate for Sienna to properly be able to play with her.  While they are playing more and more together, there is a still a huge barrier of mobility.  Though I know this barrier will be lifted in only a few months, if not sooner.

Of course, with any close relationship comes the arguments.  While Sienna can’t talk, she can definitely verbalise her distaste at something!  If Ella does something Sienna isn’t happy with, moves a toy from her reach, or takes one from her hands, Sienna will let Ella know about it!  The screams from that girl haven’t really lessened since the day she was born, and Ella actually burst in to tears the other day when Sienna started crying saying that she had scared her!  It will be an interesting dynamic to watch over the years, as to who will be the more assertive and confident one.  Sienna seems unafraid of letting you know her feelings, while also being quite clingy.  Ella is becoming less confident as she gets older, and needs reassurance in a lot of circumstances.

I still feel we have to ask Ella to be gentle with Sienna on a daily basis.  Now Sienna is stood a lot of the time, leaning on furniture or whatever else she can find to pull herself up, Ella instantly wants to go to her and bear hug her.  This leads to Sienna having to sit back down again, and often Ella pulling her down to the floor.  We keep pointing out to Ella that Sienna will only learn to walk if she is left to do so, and if she wants Sienna to run round the garden with her, then she needs to leave her be when she is stood up.

I always take my siblings pictures in the house.  It’s been the easiest option while Sienna is a baby, to either lie them next to each other, or more recently sit them next to each other.  This month, I thought I’d do something different now Sienna is more mobile.  I had visions of her standing in the park, with Ella supporting her and the two of the stood together.  It wasn’t to be!  Sienna wasn’t so keen, and Ella quickly lost interest.  But they are different in that they are taken out and about on our dog walk in our local park.  It was a beautiful sunny day, and I think that is obvious in the squint of the eyes!

Siblings May Siblings May IMG_3881 IMG_3880 Siblings May

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6 thoughts on “Siblings (May ’16)

    1. They are becoming so much more alike as Sienna’s hair grows and she loses her baby features! Definitely, Ella is her constant source of entertainment! Xx

  1. Ahh I love their matching outfits! I love your description of their relationship. My two girls went through the same phase and now the youngest is mostly the more confident one. I remember when Greta couldn’t walk and Mabel used to be so desperate to play with her she would try and drag her around. Ahh it’s brought back lots of memories, before you know it they will both be running around the house playing babies and calling each other daphne and velma if they are anything like my two sisters!

    1. Haha!!! Daphne and Velma, I love that!!!! I can’t resist a matching outfit, I’ll be honest! It really does feel like I’m going to blink and they’ll be running round the garden together. It’s crazy!! Xx

  2. Aww they’re so sweet together – these are gorgeous pictures, it’s definitely an effort to get out and about for photos when you’ve got a little one whose not yet properly mobile and these are lovely – beautiful matching outfits too!

    1. Thanks Carie! I love a by of matchy matchy!!! Probably got them in matching in post siblings posts! Oops!! Yes looking forward to pics of them running round together! Xx

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