Sienna at 10 Weeks – A Beautifully Fussy Baby

I’m not really a blogger who is likely to post a weekly, or even monthly, update about Sienna’s progress. But I think she’s at a point where there’s more to say about how she is doing, and how I’m doing too!!

Sienna turned 10 weeks old today. The last update I wrote, specific to Sienna, was at four weeks old, and it’s interesting to look back at how things have changed.

She’s growing brilliantly! She’s now 12lbs7oz, which is great for her age, just under the 75th centile. So my milk is doing the job!

Sienna is also a really beautiful baby! Maybe I just think that because I’m her mum, and my lenses are somewhat rose-tinted.  But I often marvel at what a beautiful face she has!

I’ve also found her to be a very fussy and needy baby. I’m not sure if I’ve omitted any tough times from my memory of Ella’s baby days, but I definitely don’t remember her crying as much as Sienna does. There have been days where I’ve cried with her. It’s so hard when you just want them to be happy and there’s nothing you can seemingly do for them.

She rarely falls asleep while feeding, except during the night, and often cries straight after feeding. I know she’s getting plenty of milk from her weight gain and the fact she produces a wet nappy probably every hour!! She does sometimes burp after feeding but isn’t showing the typical signs of wind when crying. More often than not, it seems to be tiredness. She isn’t a baby who will just close her eyes and drift off, but instead require rocking to sleep. And if you don’t rock her to sleep in time, she can quickly escalate in to screaming with tiredness.

I’ve definitely found it tougher than I did with Ella. The crying and fussiness, plus the sleep deprivation, can lead to some low moods.  I’m not even close to any form of depression, but there are definitely days I can’t wait to get to the end of, with the hope that tomorrow is a better day.  I have her booked in for a cranial osteopathy consultation next week, so I’ll report back with whether they think it would help her fussiness, and the results if she gets treated.

I’m really pleased to have hit the 10 week mark with breastfeeding.  By this stage, Ella was mainly bottle fed, with me only breastfeeding her in the night, which stopped altogether at 11 weeks.

Sienna had taken a bit of regression when it came to night feeds and was often feeding every two, to two and a half, hours. With Ella going through a phase of being awake in the night and then getting up at 6, I was zombiefied!

At 8 weeks, I decided to try Sienna with a bottle of formula at around 10pm. As a result, she now manages at least 4 hours and sometimes longer. That often means there are still two night feeds, but I feel a lot less tired! She does sometimes wake between feeds but reswaddling her and putting the dummy back in seems to instantly send her back to sleep.

She also now goes to bed at 7pm. My evenings had been spent jiggling the pram downstairs to settle her. Sean suggested there might have been too much noise and light stimulation downstairs. And he was right!! For the past week, she’s been in her crib for 7 and slept til around 10pm for the bottle then straight back to sleep.  It’s been nice to get our evenings back, particularly if it’s been a tough day with the two of them! She still needs rocking to sleep before going in her crib, but it only takes minutes to get her to sleep in the evening.

There isn’t much routine to how Sienna goes about her day. Yesterday she had a wonderfully routine day of feeding every three hours, having a little play time then a good sleep before the next feed. I thought it might have been the new norm but today is proving otherwise! She’s back to feeding erratically and catnapping! Much as I’d love to get her in to a routine, I’m struggling to and she seems to be setting her own path. I know it would be much easier if she were bottle fed,  which tempts me in to doing so. I like routine rather than unpredictability. But I’m going to persist for now with breastfeeding and see if she settles in to one on her own.

One thing that definitely makes Sienna stand out from Ella is the lack of bowel movements!! She can go 3-5 days without pooing! And then when she does go, often during the night, she can poo for 40 minutes!! I can’t decide whether I’d rather be cleaning dirty nappies every day or if a 40 minute night time poo is better…!!

While Sienna is a fussy baby, when she’s happy, she’s very happy!! She smiles and coos and has just started giggling! It is the sweetest cutest thing!! I really hope she can relax more and enjoy those giggly smiley days!

We get out every single day without fail! It’s pretty much essential with Ella! And I’ve relaxed in to knowing I may just have to give Sienna a quick feed wherever we are to keep her settled! She’s definitely most settled when she’s out of the house, so another reason to get out!!!

I’m now exercising again, having started back last week, which I’m finding improves my mood lots! I go to an exercise class a couple of times a week, and they are happy for Sienna to come too. So we go on the days Ella is at nursery or my mother-in-law’s. And I went for my first run back the other day. Just a steady twenty minutes, but I didn’t think I’d even manage that after nearly a year of no running!

I’d say things are going well. There are bad days, and two is definitely harder than one. Particularly when the other child has only just turned two and is fairly demanding. But mostly, all is good and I know things will get easier and easier as both girls get older. Hopefully anyway!!!

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