Sienna at 20 Weeks

It occurred to me that I’ve not done a Sienna focused update for a while now, so I looked back over my blog, and Sienna was 10 weeks old when I last did one!!

She’s now 20 weeks old, so this seems a perfect opportunity to do an update on how she’s getting on!

She really is a different baby in some ways from that ten week old baby.  And in others, she’s exactly the same.  I can already see she is going to have a completely different personality to her older sister.  Ella was such a happy content baby, and rarely cried.  Sienna, on the other hand, can scream!!!  She definitely knows how to cry!  In her early weeks, she did a lot of screaming.  But it has really settled down now.  Her crying is usually tiredness related.  She really hates feeling tired.  But I can now quickly pick up on her tired cues.  She’ll rub her eyes mainly.  So, as soon as the hands go to the eyes, I put her down for a nap.  And getting that moment right usually means I can put her down in the cot awake, and she will fall asleep unassisted.  If you miss that window, then she does sometimes need a bit more settling, a bit of a cuddle or some music on to calm her down.  She also loves to snuggle a muslin to help settle her, and even cover her face with it.  This is particularly handy when out and about.  It’s almost magic how putting the muslin over her face sends her straight off to sleep!

One of the big reasons Sienna’s screaming has settled is that she is on anti-reflux formula.  I breastfed Sienna up to 14 weeks of age.  It was always a bit of a struggle and she’d fuss through feeds.  Then spend a lot of time after them screaming.  Seems that silent reflux was the issue, as anti reflux formula has put an end to all that!  You can read more about our breastfeeding journey ending here.  She now has normal formula for her dreamfeed and in the night, as it doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue for her when she is sleepy, and it saves messing about with the 7 minutes needed for the formula to thicken before giving it to her.  I’ve tried her with normal formula during the day to see if her digestive system has matured enough to change.  But it was a massive battle and she was angry for the rest of the day!  I think I’ll try again when she’s on solids!

Being bottlefed means we have much more of an established routine now.  She will take 7ozs every three hours during the day, with her first bottle usually being around 7am.  She’ll generally have a sleep in between each bottle.  Her first sleep might be for an hour, then she usually has a couple of longer sleeps, sometimes up to 2.5 hours.  Occasionally, she’ll have a short sleep in between her 4pm feed and last feed before bed, but more often than not will stay awake and get grumpy!  The witching hour is definitely a thing in this house!  The girls usually share a bath at about 6ish, which Sienna loves!  She’ll have a feed about 6.30pm and then straight to bed, often finishing the feed in her cot, as she’s so tired!  She then has about 4 to 5ozs at 10pm, which she sometimes wakes for, but otherwise drinks in her sleep.

Sienna is still waking in the night.  At best, it’s only once for a quick feed.  She doesn’t really take much milk, sometimes just an ounce, so I really think it’s more for comfort than hunger.  And she doesn’t wake screaming with hunger, and can usually hold off for her bottle if she wakes early.  So, I do have some confidence that she will sleep through within the next couple of months!  Ella was consistently sleeping through from about 11 weeks, and I really thought a lot of it was down to some of the sleep training techniques we used.  Well, the same ones aren’t working with Sienna!  I don’t mind getting up to her though, so long as it is just the once!  She does have the odd night where she wants the dummy back in every hour!  She’s now in her own room, which has helped her sleep lots better, as she’s a relatively light sleeper for a baby, and we were definitely waking her if we so much as moved!

She’s getting beautifully chunky, with gorgeous big cheeks and those thigh rolls you just want to chomp in to!  She still loves a mummy snuggle now and again, though is also quite happy laid on the floor playing.  She can’t roll over yet, but is very close to going from back to front.  She’s done it a few times with a little nudge from Ella!  She hates being on her tummy, so I think it will be a back to front roll before she masters it the other way round!  Just like Ella did, she loves music, and me singing Twinkle Twinkle will often settle her down!  She really is a mummy’s girl and will often cry in the arms of others until she’s back in mine.  She may grow out of it, but I can imagine already that she’ll be a bit clingier than Ella who is quite happy for you to leave her with anyone and everyone, and always has been.  I secretly love it to be honest!!

If you hadn’t heard Sienna having one of her screaming sessions, you would assume she is a super content baby. She has a big grin and a delicious little giggle!  And the content phases are now becoming more and more frequent as she gets older.  Her most content time has to be first thing in the morning.  She doesn’t let us know she’s awake by crying.  Instead, you can hear happy cooing noises coming from her room, and you are greeted with the biggest grin!

I’m absolutely adoring being Sienna’s mum.  It’s so lovely to be doing it all a second time.  She’s so beautiful and so so kissable!!  And growing up far too fast!





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  1. Oh she is gorgeous! I’m so sorry you’re battling with reflux too, it really is the pits. Elsie is on two meds and special formula for cow’s milk allergy so you have my sympathies! x x

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