Sienna at 8 Months

Sienna at 8 Months

I looked at Sienna the other day, and she just didn’t seem that little any more.  She was sat next to her big sister, and no longer looked tiny in comparison.  They were giggling together, holding hands.  Interacting and, almost, playing together.  I’ve wanted her to grow up quickly so they can play more together, particularly as Ella loves interacting with others.  Now, I want her to slow down.  I feel like I’ve blinked and she’s stopped being a baby.

Sienna turned 8 months old this week, and I feel 8 months is a real turning point for babies.  They are well and truly sat up with no issues, apart from the odd little loss of balance when reaching for something.  They are feeding much better, and no longer spitting out everything that goes in.  Or, with baby led, starting to really eat rather than just gum what they are given.  Ella started crawling when she was about 8.5 months, and that is the real turning point, when mobility is theirs!

Sienna isn’t crawling yet, and I’m not sure she will be before she hits the 9 month mark.  She’s not much of a roller.  I remember Ella would drop and roll at every opportunity to get to where she wanted to go, before she started crawling.  But Sienna will generally stay sitting.  She only really rolls if you actually put her on her back.  And she just rolls back and forth, rather than to where she wants to be.  She is starting to show some of the signs of crawling though.  When she is on her tummy, she will start to draw her knees up and try to get on all fours.  I may make more of an effort to leave her lay down, rather than sitting her up, to encourage her to try it out more.  Though in the same breath, I don’t really want to rush her crawling!  As soon as they get mobile, you got yourself a whole host of other issues!!  It is nice to know she’ll be where I left her!

Feeding is improving every week.  She still has issues with eating when tired.  But I’m definitely noticing that she is eating more and more, when searching for a piece of food I’ve given her as to where she might have dropped it, and realising she’s eaten it all!  I have been giving her pouches of food in the late afternoon, on top of the baby-led approach we’re taking.  But I think I’m going to phase these out now, as she’s managing to feed herself more and more.  Her milk consumption is rapidly declining.  She’s just not that interested in drinking it, unless she’s ready to settle for a nap, when she’ll drink some of it in her cot.

She’s also starting to nap a bit better.  She had been doing 30 minute naps, with one longer one of about an hour/an hour and a half.  But she is seeming to manage longer naps now.  Some days she’ll only have the two.  Yesterday, she had a 2.5 hour nap in the morning, and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon!  Don’t think she’ll keep that up somehow!  Other days, when she doesn’t nap as well, she’ll still have a half hour cat nap about 3.30/4pm.

She always seems exhausted by bed time, and is often in bed for about 6.30pm.  It works quite well for us, as she is fast asleep before we’re taking Ella up to bed.  We still haven’t had the magic sleep through.  But sleep has been mainly improved in the last month with Sienna (though typically Ella is struggling again!).  She’s managed longer stretches of sleep, and only one wake up after we’ve gone to bed.  She’ll wake without doubt before we go to bed, between 9 and 10, and have some milk then, which I’m sure is a result of her not being so good at drinking milk in the day.  And, when she wakes in the night, she’ll have a little watered down milk.  We are due to move house soon, all going to plan, and I’m thinking of going cold turkey on the middle of the night milky water when we do.  I know it will take a bit more effort to settle her, but her room will be a bit further from Ella’s, so I won’t have the concern of her waking her up.  I’m sure after a few nights of no milky water in the night, she’ll break the habit and may then not wake for a drink.  For now, it’s just must easier, and means she’s settled back to sleep in a matter of minutes.  There have been numerous occasions in the last month where she’s cried for a few seconds, and then settled herself back to sleep before I’ve had to go in to her, so I know she can do it!!!

Her sleep is definitely affected by illness, and yet again she has another cold.  She seems to be having a run of them at the moment, and I remember Ella being exactly the same at her age.  Her hands, and whatever else she can find, are constantly in her mouth.  Plus she’s just starting nursery, so she’s going to be picking up new bugs from there.  I think this is making it hard for her to drop the night drinking, as she is coughing and seems to need just a few sips to calm her throat down.

Sienna had her first day at nursery last wake, as I was working all day.  She did really well!  I was a little anxious, as she can be a bit clingy.  But she did great!  She napped really well there too, and in fact had her best sleep ever that night!  She’s doing a couple of mornings before she starts doing a full day once a week from February.  I know she’s going to love it.  Ella adores nursery, and the nursery they go to is absolutely brilliant.  It has meant that Ella now wants to be in the room with the babies at nursery to be near her sister!  Super cute!!

Sienna’s definitely showing more and more of an interest in toys.  She has her favourite, typically the ones that make the most noise!  She does enjoy playing, but wants to know you’re around when she’s sat playing.  Leave the room and you’ll know about it!  She is much happier if she’s in sight of someone.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be me.  She just really doesn’t like being in a room on her own.  She also likes to be held, or just to be sat on your knee when playing.  I think it is more a typical 8 month old separation anxiety phase, rather than it being the way she is.

There are no teeth through as yet.  She doesn’t seem particularly bad for teething at the minute.  She did go through a teething phase a couple of months ago, but her gums don’t seem to be bothering her as much right now.  She’s a little drooly, but nothing excessive.  I’m not expecting a tooth through just yet, but she may well surprise us!  Ella was a little gummy bear, and very slow to get a full set of teeth, getting her first one at 11 months, so it’s not something I really think to expect any time soon with Sienna.

I’ve often talked about Sienna’s temperament, as she has been quite a vocal and demanding baby.  It’s crazy now really to look back at those posts.  It seems like a distant memory, as she is a really happy baby now.  Of course, she still cries.  But it’s no where near as much as she used to, and not as dramatic when she does.  Just a normal baby cry now, rather than a cry that sounded like she was in a world of pain.  I do wonder whether she was.  Whether she was struggling with something that we didn’t know about.  But I am glad that she is over it now.  I felt so upset for her.  And upset for me too, I guess, that I couldn’t settle her.  That I couldn’t comfort her and take it all away.  I think it’s resulted in me having a really strong bond with Sienna though.  I’ve spent far more time holding her than I did Ella, who was always happy to be left playing and often didn’t want to be held.  My love for them is no different.  But the way in which they’ve needed mothering has been so different.  And I’m sure that will change all the time too.

I’m going to get the 9-12 month clothes down from the loft this week.  I’ve not got Sienna weighed or measured in a while, but I know she’s above average, and her 6-9 month clothes are starting to look on the small side.  She has been above average from birth.  Just like her big sister, although Ella was definitely bigger.  Ella was in 12-18 month clothes at 9 months, but Sienna doesn’t seem quite as tall as Ella was.

I definitely feel well in the swing of being a mum of two now.  There are far more challenges than when it was just Ella.  But of course, that’s to be expected.  Leaving the house takes longer.  Though I think this has more to do with Ella not liking getting dressed, getting her shoes on, getting her coat on, and generally anything you try to do, rather than Sienna being the problem!!  Typical toddler!  It always felt a bit too quiet when it was just Ella.  Now, I feel like we have the family I imagined.  More noise, more busyness, more going on, and I like that!  I know there’ll be issues along the way.  It goes hand in hand with parenthood.  But I am glad now to be out of the difficult newborn/young baby phase, and in to a more manageable phase.  While I want to stop time right now, and keep this gorgeous happy little baby as she is, I also can’t to see the little girl she’s going to become.  Having been through it before with Ella, it makes me so giddy to think of all the fantastic ages, and the different milestones that come with them, and to see the girls become the best of friends as they grow.

Sienna at 8 Months


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  1. Those eyes! What a stunner! Glad to hear you are in the swing of two now and that Sienna is happier now. She’s such a gorgeous baby! xx

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