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Sienna’s Christening

On Saturday 5th March, we celebrated Sienna’s christening.

We spent a while trying to figure out what we wanted to do for her christening.  When Ella was christened, we had a big party.  It was 29th December and most people were off work the next day.  We had about 70 people there, hired a venue, and had a big do!  I’ll be honest, I didn’t really enjoy it.  I found it all a bit stressful hosting that many people.  Though I did really enjoy the pub after the party!!

This time, we were moving house only a few weeks before the christening, and I just couldn’t face up to organising a big party.  There was definitely enough going on!  We decided to keep it just immediate family – our parents, brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews.  And they all came back to our house for a party after.

I’m so glad of our decision, because on the day the girls both had bad colds, and just weren’t themselves.  And I caught the cold too, and felt really rough.  I didn’t have a great night’s sleep the night before.  So, only having to worry about a small number of people (all-be-it still being about 24 people with kids included!), was much easier to face!

Sienna was christened at 12 noon at the Catholic church of our old parish, from before we moved.  The service was really lovely, with there only being our close family in the congregation.  It was very personal and I really enjoyed it.

My family all came back to our house, as my sister and brother-in-law, and brother and sister-in-law, plus their daughter (who is the same age as Ella), were all staying with us, and my mum and stepdad were staying at a local hotel.  They helped us set up for the party, and Sean’s family joined us at around 3.30pm.  We just did some finger food, then ordered in takeaway pizzas!  It was so much easier, and you can never go wrong with pizza!  The kids had fun, playing find the chocolates in the garden, and musical bumps and statues.  And doing what kids do, running round causing havoc!!

I decided that, despite it not being a big party, I wanted a cake made for Sienna, as I’d had one made for Ella’s.  I’m so glad of my decision, as the cake was just beautiful!!  I would definitely recommend The Yummy Mummy Cake company if you live in the Manchester area!

It was a really really lovely day.  So different to Ella’s, and much simpler, and yet I probably enjoyed it a lot more.

I have loads of pictures of the day, but am just going to share a few of just us, as I haven’t sought permission from everyone else to feature here!!
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