Sleeping Soundly During Pregnancy With A Pregnancy Pillow

Sleep is not just an issue when you become a parent!  For me it was an issue throughout my last pregnancy, and this one has been no different!

I suffer badly from pregnancy insomnia.  I’ll often be found wandering the house in the middle of the night, making Sean his lunch for that day at 3.30am, and possibly even doing a bit of work in the wee small hours!  I joke that I look forward to more sleep when the baby comes, but the reality is, I probably will get more sleep!!!

I’ve suffered with sciatica towards the end of this pregnancy, and this has in no way helped me get a good night’s kip!  The pain in my back and down one leg has meant it’s been more comfortable to be out of bed than in it.

So, the timing was perfect when I was asked to try out a Pregnancy Pillow from PregnancyPillows a few weeks ago!

PregnancyPillows are experts in pregnancy, maternity and nursing pillows which help mums get a good night’s sleep.

I was sent the L-shape pillow to try out.  I chose it in a lovely dark purple colour with a Sensifil filling, which is a soft cushion-like filling.  You can also choose to have a FairyBeads filling, which is more like a bean bag type filling that moulds to your shape.  And the pillows also come in black, pink, sky blue, cream, coffee, or chocolate.

pregnancy pillow

pregnancy pillow

I love my pregnancy pillow!!!  It’s super comfy to lie your head on.  I’m usually a two pillow type, but have replaced my two pillows with just the pregnancy pillow, and the head support is great.  And it’s very soft, with a velvety-type feel to it!

The real benefit of it comes with the long leg of the ‘L’!  I tend to sleep with it as in the first picture above, with my legs wrapped round it.  It’s been great for relieving the sciatica discomfort.  Admittedly, I’m still a pregnancy insomniac!  But at least when I wake up now, I feel a lot comfier!  A few days before it arrived, my midwife suggested a support inbetween my legs to relieve the sciatica, so this was perfect!!

It also has a scent of lavender to it, which is ultra calming when you first snuggle in to it in bed!

I’m very much someone who likes a bit of space when I sleep and no arms round me.  But it’s nice to cuddle something without it cuddling you back (if that makes sense?!)!  Gives me the freedom to sleep with a bit of extra comfort!

The only downside I would say of the pillow is its size.  We have a standard double bed.  And it’s a bit of a squeeze with two of us in and the pillow!  If it’s between us, we often both end up cuddling it!  But generally I keep it on the far side of me, and have it hanging slightly off the edge, which still allows the bed to support my legs but gives us enough room in the bed.  It’s great for naps during the day though when I can take up the whole bed with it!!

The other thing that I’ve found a slight issue with the L-shape is that, when I first go to bed, and when I wake in the night, I generally have to turn from side to side a few times until I can settle for the night.  As there’s only one long arm of the pillow, that means that the pillow is sometimes behind my back, while I get my position for the night.  Though I usually end up back with my legs round it!  Pregnancy Pillows do have a solution for this with the U-Shaped Pillow, which might be better for wrigglers like me!!!

I’ll definitely also be using it as a feeding support once baby is here!  The L-shape offers a great support for the baby to take the strain off your arms when either breast or bottle feeding.

It’s so important to get a good night’s sleep when pregnant, particularly at this stage when labour could happen any day and you need all your energy!  So, I’m grateful now to feel comfier in bed and to be getting more sleep.  And I’m starting to wonder if the pregnancy pillow will become a permanent feature in our bed, even when baby is here!!!

pregnancy pillow

I was sent the L-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow from PregnancyPillows for the purpose of this review.  Opinions are my own.

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7 thoughts on “Sleeping Soundly During Pregnancy With A Pregnancy Pillow

    1. Haha!! Yeah I don’t think these should be a pregnancy only thing! If they were just renamed body pillows, then they can be used anytime!!!! x

  1. It’s so hard to kee comfy at night when your pregnant, I enjoyed using my pregnancy pillow when I was pregnant but this one looks even better. I’ll have to bookmark this and remember for when it comes time for baby # 2! K x #tried&tested

  2. This looks great. It’s so hard getting a good night’s sleep during pregnancy, so anything that could help is worth the investment I’d say! x

  3. I used this during my pregnancy and loved it! It did take up a lot of space in our bed though as you say and my hubby was not too happy about it… It was even better for breastfeeding afterwards and I used it all the time! Not so much with my second baby as I never had time to get comfortable for breastfeeding with a toddler bouncing around me. #triedtested

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