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Sunny Days and Sick Bugs

I’ve been craving the sun.  I think the sun gives everyone that boost of energy after what feels like a really long winter.  And, last weekend, the sun came.  Finally!!!!

But, we couldn’t really enjoy it.  On Friday night, Ella started throwing up.  She’s thrown up in her bed before, a one off incident, and I was hoping we’d have the same again, and she’d be back to sleep and up the next day as if nothing had happened.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.  She was sick throughout the night.  She slept by my side while Sean slept in the spare room.  And I only half dozed all night, waiting for the sound of her wretching to throw the bucket beneath her.  It actually didn’t seem to bother her greatly at first.  At one point, she started asking me what my favourite animal was, and what did I think daddy’s favourite animal was!  And going on about our trip to the zoo and the animals we saw!  Towards the end of the night, she was exhausted and weak and upset at being sick.

The next day, she had a bit of life in her.  She wasn’t herself by any means, but she was acting as if nothing had happened, and we thought that might have been it.  She really wanted to wear her new shorts, that I’d bought for her ready for the sunshine.  She even managed a few jumps on her new trampoline (or ‘jumpoline’ as she calls it!).  But she was sick a few times through the day.  She didn’t want anything to eat.  She had half a slice of toast before bed, and then threw it up in her bed around midnight.  Saturday night wasn’t as bad as the night before.  She was sick again in our bed at about 5.40am.

Sunday was a different ball game.  She couldn’t keep her fluids down, and was being sick almost instantly after sipping her drink.  She was weak, lethargic and unhappy.  She dozed on and off throughout the day.  Luckily, by Sunday night she began to turn a corner, and managed to eat half a digestive and drink some water, and kept both down.  Sunday night she slept all night.  Relief!!!!

And then, Sean started to complain of a sore tummy on Sunday evening.  By the night time, he wasn’t in a good way, and spent all Sunday night throwing up!!

So, the promise of the sunny weekend wasn’t to be.  We spent much of it indoors nursing a poorly Ella, and trying to keep Sienna entertained.  We did get outside while Ella slept, or when she was up for a bit of fresh air herself.  And Sienna got to enjoy a bit of trampoline time on her own!  She doesn’t get much of a look in usually!

It’s so weird when your kids are sick.  Like time stops.  Nothing else really matters.  There’s nothing more important to be done (other than to get all those sheets cleaned and fresh beds made!).  They need you, and you need to be there for them.  And then there’s the worry.  The worry that means you don’t really sleep in those moments you get a chance to sleep.  The worry of when their last wee was, and whether they’re showing signs of dehydration.  The worry that it might not just be a bug, and that there’s something more sinister lying beneath.

I wrote this post a few days ago (been having a few photo upload issues with the blog, so it remained in drafts!), and since then, we’re still not quite right.  Ella has little appetite and has since been complaining of a sore ear, and has a slight temp.  But the non-ill times will return soon, and hopefully the sun will too and stay here for longer next time!

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