Mission Sleep Update – My Baby Can Sleep Through The Night

About a month ago, I wrote about how I was on a mission to get more sleep.  I gave myself a deadline of Sienna turning one, which happens in a mere two weeks time (wahhhh!!!).

So, I thought I’d do a little update on where we’re at.

Well, I’m super pleased to say that things have VASTLY improved on the sleep front.  Sienna has slept through a good number of times now.  Sometimes, she has woken at around 10pm.  But she has also managed full sleep throughs, from going to bed to getting up (or at the very least waking up and not needing us to go in to her).

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A Little Bit of Life Lately and A Need to Write

I haven’t written as much on my blog lately.  I go through weeks on end where I do three posts a week.  Then suddenly, that flow just stops.  Recently, the flow has stopped.  And it’s not really because I haven’t wanted to.  I think it’s come more down to my own organisation and time management.  So, I felt the need today to just write, and I love a good life lately, brain dump kind of post, so here goes…!

I think one of the main reasons I’m not writing so much at the moment is that, I tend to write a blog post on the days I don’t have the girls.  That’s generally Tuesdays and Thursdays, where I crack on with my business, Sam Flynn Social Media.  Usually, I’d find half an hour in the day to write a blog post for Life of Mum.  But recently, I’ve been flat out on the business.  Not in a ‘I’ve got so much work on and I’m making millions’ kind of way.  I wish!  Recently returning back to work after having time off with Sienna, means I’ve really got to get my name back out there and business flowing back in.  It’s hard work!  I’m creating lots of workshops and online content to push, as this naturally leads to more enquiries for inhouse training, as well as creating things I can sell too.  So, I’m just not finding as much time in my working day to blog.  My business is important to me, and I really want to get it back to where it was.  And I know I will.  The trouble is, when you work for someone else, you return from maternity leave maybe needing a bit of time to get used to the working world again, and managing it with sleep deprivation thrown in, but you receive a wage regardless.  I don’t get paid unless I get work in!  So, that’s what I’m focusing on right now!

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mission sleep

Mission Sleep

I’m on a mission.  My deadline is 20th May.  The mission is to….GET….MORE….SLEEP!

Why that deadline?  Well, that is the day that Sienna turns 1 year old (how the heck is she nearly one already?!).  In her 10 months on this planet, it’s safe to say that Sienna’s sleep hasn’t been great.  As a newborn she was typical, some nights just one wake up, most nights two, the odd night 3 or 4, and the even odder night, screaming all night!

As she got older, things didn’t improve.  I learnt to accept it.  With Ella having slept through from 3 months, I thought the same would happen again.  When it didn’t, I started googling like mad.  Then I decided to let her be and that she’d improve in her own time.  They’re all different after all.

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An Obsession With Sleep

I have become sleep obsessed. Mainly because I’m just not getting enough!!!

Sienna is five months old now and still doesn’t sleep great. As soon as I feel like we’re getting somewhere, there seems to be a setback, like a cold. And we’re back to multiple night wakings instead of just the one.

When I was pregnant with Ella, I read a few books on baby sleep. And sure enough, the suggestions worked and Ella napped consistently through the day and started sleeping through at 11 weeks. 

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Those Newborn Days Are Gone

It’s just occurred to me today that I no longer have a newborn baby.

Sienna certainly doesn’t look newborn any more.  In fact, I think she only really looked newborn for around the first week of her life, as she is a big girl!  And she no longer acts like a newborn either.

I’ve not really acknowledged it happening, but the traits of that newborn stage are long gone too.  They say the first few months of a baby’s life should be classed as the fourth trimester.  They favour the conditions they are used to in the womb – white noise, being held close, their mother’s heartbeat.  Looking back over my Instagram pictures, so many of them are with Sienna fast asleep in my arms.  She wouldn’t be put down.  She wanted the comfort, and typically that comfort had to be me.

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The Ordinary Moments #21 – Birth Announcement

So this week, I had a baby…!!

Our second baby girl, Sienna, was born at 9.44am on Wednesday 20th May.  She weighed 8lbs15 at birth.

We were home the same day and Ella has been enthralled ever since by her baby sister!! 

More to follow on Sienna’s birth and the adjustment to being a family of four.  For now, we’re busy enjoying the magical newborn moments!

So, not so ordinary a moment this week, but one that will give rise to future ordinary moments!


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