Nancy’s Birth Story

Nancy’s due date was 6th October and, of course, the day went past with baby still lovely and cosy in my womb!  I never had any expectation that my third baby would be early or on time, with Ella being 8 days late and Sienna born 12 days late after being induced.  And it worked out well that Nancy stayed put.  Sienna was poorly with an ear infection and on antibiotics.  I was full of a cold.  And just felt pretty rubbish and exhausted, and not ready to give birth just yet.

I’d had lots of Braxton Hicks over the final few weeks of my pregnancy, and did occasionally wonder if this was ‘it’, but carried on regardless and the days kept passing.  I was due to be induced on 17th October if baby had not made an arrival by then.

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Sienna’s Birth Story

My due date was 8th May.  As I suspected it might, the day came and passed.  As did the next day, and the next!

At 11 days overdue, I was booked in for induction.  I never actually thought I’d get to the stage of being induced, and had completely dismissed that it might actually happen.  Yet, at 12pm on Tuesday 19th May, myself and Sean were in Tesco down the road from the hospital stocking up on supplies to get us through the process.  I walked round Tesco like a zombie, not quite getting my head round that I was heading in to be induced.

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Ella’s Birth Story

So, now I’m back blogging, it feels right that I should start with the labour itself!  As it was over 4 months ago, it seems a bit of a distant memory, so I want to get it written down before I have no recollection of it at all!  You better set aside a few minutes for this!  It’s a bit of a long account!!!!

I was booked in for induction on Thursday 4th July.  I really really didn’t want to be induced, as I’ve heard it can be a longer and more painful labour.  So, I was really happy and excited when I went in to labour naturally at 3.30am on Tuesday 2nd July, 8 days after my due date.

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